Sunday, February 12, 2012

9 Sunday Best #28: Roller Bashers

Sunday February 12th, West Texas Roller Dollz presents an extravaganza event like no other.  A DERBY DOUBLE HEADER.  To miss such an event is to punch oneself in the face.  Four teams battling it out for a position in this week's Sunday Best.  Opening up the jaw splitting action we have the Madhouse Psychos vs the Dark Grotesques.  This match pits two power house teams going head to head in a no holds bar match up.  Virtues of the Inquisition versus Karita's Scouts are headlining this roller derby blood bath.  Both of these teams value finesse over brute strength and both play the game in plaid panties. Without further ado lets put our fist together and give these girls a warm bloody nose of a welcome.

Team #1 - The Madhouse Workshop: Chaos Space Marines
Team manager and coach of the Madhouse Psychos, PsychosisPC has been been slugging it out in the Roller Derby circuit longer than any other personality in the sport.  His extensive background in go-carting gives him a unique perspective on the sport.  He has kitted his team of bashers out with an extensive array of protective equipment that gives them a reaver like quality to them.  From skulls to horns to gas mask to tabors each member of this kit is dedicated to create chaos on the track.

Team #2 - Eldar Addict: Dark Eldar Grotesques
EldarAddict has a finecast horde of characters on his roller derby team of grotesque ghouls.  These xenos freaks don't play by the rules and known for their left hooks.  One or two of these monstrosities are known for clawing the faces of their opponents with their devious nails while others have a knack for lashing out with tentacle like whips.  All in all the Dark Grotesque play a gritty game that will leave you speechless.

Team #3 - A Gentleman's Ones: A Virtue
A late week edition to the bill has a legend of the sport leading a team of highly skilled veterans.  Brian, more popularly known has The Gentleman, built this team on the 23 hour and arrange for them to be a contender in this week's Sunday extravaganza.  Each member of the team was hand picked for the Inquisitions of Virtue for their size and raw power.  Each one brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and the best kit that their salaries could buy.  WIthout a doubt they are a kill team in the making.

Team #4 - Excommunicate Traitoris: Wolf Scouts
Karita's Scouts are a ferocious pack of Wolves that have the taste of blood on their palette and are thirsting for more.  Stripped down to the bare bones these Scouts are an agile pack that pick out the weakest member of the opposing team.  Each one a lone wolf in their own right but when playing as a pack they can take down the biggest and nastiest players on the circuit.

Without a doubt this week's Sunday Best is matching up to be a demolition of a derby and you would be mad to miss out on it.  Bones will be broken, faces will be bashed and blood will be spilt.  To avoid punching yourself in face and looking like a grot head on over to each of their blogs for a taste of what is to come.


  1. Another tremendous week. Cheers mate.

  2. A tremendous week thanks to dedicated bloggers and skillful hobbyist like yourself. If you want some Space Wolf bits just scream at me and I will mail you a nice little package. Cheers for the comment and double cheers for the sharing your post.

  3. No problem PschosisPC and here is to you finding a home or two for those lovely Chaos Champions of yours.

  4. Thanks for the comments Brian and PsychosisPC it means a lot to me, more than you possible could imagine.

  5. Holy crap the Grotesque conversions are fucking orgasmic.. and a half. Also, they are not Fine Cast. They are actually a resin-plastic hybrid from Warmahordes. This here is the kit:

  6. Dang looks like you caught this panda with his pants down their Mr Troll. Just going to have to cross the word finecast out and throw in horde while I am writing in the snow with my pee. LOL!!!

  7. Thanks for including the grotesques on your site. I would love to claim the idea to use these models, but lucky no. 5 over at Eye of Terror came up with it first. I love the look of these guys, and like how they are progressing. Now for some paint. Here is Lucky's post.

  8. Triple Thick Thanks to you Eldaraddict; becoming a cultist here at the Chaos Manifesto, leaving a comment and for giving mad props to LuckyNo.5. Hope you enjoy your time here.