Monday, February 6, 2012

0 Sunday Best #27: Salvation

"Who eats my flesh, who drinks my blood, have eternal life"

Today was a day of salvation for me as I was lost amongst the non-believers.  Zombie Jesus answered my prayers though and made me believe.  Believe in a what though...a themeless Sunday Best.  Blasphemy some of you will say will others will not even give a dam as they only come to The Chaos Manifesto for the Robots and Donuts.  It was only a matter of time though and I knew that one day the Zombie Apocalypse would feast on theme that is Sunday Best.  Lurching all over my blog this week are three Blogging Zombies that have sunk their decaying teeth into my skull.

Sven's manage to put together a team of slobbering greens skins for the good old fashion game of Blood Bowl.  They are sure to punch, kick, head butt and even bite their way to a win if they don't eat the pig skin that is.  With it being Super Bowl Sunday and droves of Zombies mindlessly watching the game I figure Sven Boys fit the Buffalo Bills.  

Camerons Nurgle Imperial Renegades continue to strike fear into my themeless soul.  His devotion to these heretics is sacrilegious in nature that I am green in envy.  Documenting his struggle with finding a religious codex for them to consecrate their lives to while not compromising his own personal values.  He believes that he found a temple for them to practice his work in.

The bible of Warhhammer Fantasy is a vast tomb that has many hidden mysteries within.  Tales of undead raising up to the bones of forgotten prophets walking the earth.  The real mystery though is how one can win the god dam game.  Nikephoros has begun deciphering the hidden code in the Warhammer Bible and is graciously sharing this insight with his disciples.

Three unique Zombies each with a mind of their own.  Each with a theme of their own that has nothing to do with the next.  Each shambling their blood soaked feet all over this weeks Sunday Best.  In the end though they are my salvation and with them I will blog for eternity.

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