Saturday, February 25, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #12: The 40k n00b

The sheer amount of angry and hate that is propagated across the warp is unfathomable at times.  There are those that wish nothing more than see mankind chock on its' own humanity. They prey upon the weak, the needy, the helpless addicts that pollute the hive cities of the Blog-o-sphere.  The 40k n00b aka Warflake is one of this angry individuals and is hell bent on starting a mob sized riot with latest scheme, a GIVEAWAY!!!  That's right he is going to be dishing out a free, I said FREE, gift certificate for Wayland Games to one done and out scumbag.  If you want to be that lucky dirtbag that gets to satisfy their plastic crack addiction you better head on over to The 40k n00b's blog and get his attention.  Just be forewarned though there is a crazed Panda on lose that is devouring anyone who stands in his way.

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