Saturday, February 4, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #11: Cupboard of Nurgle

POW!!! 50 follows is all it took to get this abomination to crawl out of its cupboard.  Unfortunately for this beast of Nurgle he has until the 29th of February to get back in the dank hole that he crawled out of. Cause in twenty six days not one, not even two but three Champions of Nurgle will enslave this foul putrid beast under the control of Papa Nurgle's himself.  For the mouldy icing on the cake though each of these Champions of Pestilence will find a home amongst the followers of the CUPBOARD OF NURGLE!!! (cue echo) CUPBOARD NURGLE!!!  All it takes to have a shot at reaping Nurgle's Harvest is for you and your filthy shadow to follow this foul rotting monstrosity into the CUPBOARD OF NURGLE that he emerged from.

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