Monday, February 20, 2012

0 Monday vs The Man Cave

In the dark nether world of reality, shadowy figures come to life
Armies of interrupted robots commit atrocities as they march in the name of strife
Incandescent eyes sear the darkness of truth into my feeble little mind
While insidious deities warp the solitude and chaos to bind

These are but a few of the twisted creation that my mind indulges itself on when it realizes that Monday has arrived.  As my thoughts twist and fuse into the spawn of a lost soul descending into a abysmal dank cave my imagination defecates all over my desk.  The only condolence are the chattering teeth of the lost souls that circle overhead like vultures to a dying imperial guardsman.  Surrounded by my immaterium of trinkets that are stuffed into the coffin that I call my room, I languish in their laughter.  This is where I reside and it is here that I will die.  Like the Ferryman of Hades carrying the souls of the newly deceased to the world of the dead I will be guiding you to the realm that I call The Man Cave.
Slowly dipping our toes into the tepid waters that flow through The Man Cave you are surrounded by robots, donuts, demons and they are just the ones that labels can be attached to.  Of course their is still the mundane furniture that accompanies the first day of week but a necessity in the world of miniatures.  An Ikea chair and desk are the focal point of the cave.  Acting as a plastic laboratory that pumps out my minions of Chaos.  It is littered with a grey substances that parallels the addiction that only heroin could provide.  To the right is a couch that demands the slaughter of innocent sheep each and every night.  To left an oversized imaging device for transmitting the Litanies of Hate.  Littered throughout the room are trophies of the wars I have raged across Terra.  In the weeks to come you witness the battles that have been wage between the Days of our Lives and The Man Cave.

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