Sunday, February 5, 2012

0 Breaking News: Suffering From Defeat

HotPanda: "Morbo you could not be more correct as the Imperials seem to be dominating the player base this year at Gottacon."

Morbo: "Don't get me wrong there my bamboo eating fiend as their are some Xenos factions here taking advantage of the situation.  A Dark Eldar army was able to decimate a Grey Knight army in twenty five minutes!!!"

HotPanda: "TWENTY FIVE minutes!!!  Must of been a venom spam army with some dark lances to boot.  Unreal.  Morbo what can you tell us about the suffering though?  Reports are getting back to us that Chaos, both Space Marine and Daemons are lamenting from every orifice that they have."

Morbo: "Those reports are indeed correct despite many of the battles taking place on the Daemon Worlds themselves.  In particular The Ravenous are sitting at the bottom of the skull pile and with draw being the highlight of their performance."

HotPanda: "A bloody draw is all they have going for them?  Let me guess they lost to Space Marines not once but twice?"

Morbo: "Indeed Hotpants, two loses to Space Marines and their tie was against some big gnarly bugs.  Khorne is not going to be too pleased with his Renegade Wolves.  In fact I would bet my left bulging head vein that The Blood Gods kicks a puppy or two today."

HotPanda: "Stay tuned for more Abused Puppy whining and a better late then never Sunday Best."

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