Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 Tuesday vs The Man Cave

Reaching out into the blood thirsty abyss
Vapourous gases grasping on to my wrist
Burning lacerations of claws into skin
Fangs glistening with the blood of Adam's sin

Once across the vestibule of hell lies a realm that is plague with virtuous pagans.  Each clamouring for the attention of the unbaptized, each clawing at the humanity of our minds.  Every once in a while one of entities slips through the sands of time and is able to indulge its' hunger on mankind.  They take yearn for but one thing and are fuel by their need for it's material form...your soul.  Carving their way through flesh, blood and bones the search for it's resting place.  Each one unique to the previous and succeeding victim.  Each one a Kunchey, a Goli Gundu, a Lokhoti...a marble.

Fuelling their hatred for all that is mankind they will go to end to satisfy their hunger.  Petty and vulgar by will, they will stoop to no end.  Preying on the weak and innocent they disguise themselves in plain sight.  Deformities and abominations are but impossible to hide.  As such they use their guile and wits to distract the human imagination.  Lurking on the peripheral of your sight they mask their existence in the shadow's of sin.  Superbia, avaritia, luxeria, invidia, gula, ira and acedia.  Each just as deadly as the next but when pronounce as one syllable they form the word SALIGIA.  Protagonist and antagonist all wrapped up into one tiny vinyl toy.  Sorrow, joy, angry, happiness, hatred and lust all cannot be trusted.    Fixated in a vinyl like state they sulk and wait for their chance to feed, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 Sunday Best #30: TnT

When handling TNT one must take into consideration two factors, safety and toxicity.  Contact with the skin leads to irritation causing it to turn to a bright yellow-orange colour.  This is the least of your concerns though as TNT is poisonous in nature.  Prolonged exposure can result in anemia and abnormal liver functions.  Further side effects include spleen enlargement, adverse affects on male fertility and if ingested the discolouration of urine to the colour red.  Fear not though as this is not cause from blood but a break down in the substance that is TNT itself.  This weeks Sunday Best offer us some TNT of there own in the form of Tips 'n' Tricks when it comes to the handling of explosive materials. 

Natfka not only has been working at a munition plant but he has been running the god dam thing.  Every single post that rolls out of the Faeit 212 is a testament to his ability to deliver explosive material.  Not only does he distribute the latest and greatest rumours but he has one of the largest growing networks in the market.  For the nitroglycerin on the dynamite he has recently introduce an innovate and mind blowing terrain tutorial.  Not one to hold a secret close to his chest he lets the cat out of the bag and exposes the process that he went through to build these highly charged pieces of terrain.

Bix over at The Veil's Edge exposes a secret that lies buried deep beneath the Forges of Mars.  The Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator! "Isn't that lovely?  What the hell does it do though?"  In laymen terms it's the secret ingredient to creating your very own wet palette.  Bix has not only exposes this contraption for what it really is but shows us how to take advantage of it.  My only fear is that he is suffering from TNT poisoning as it appears he is urinating the colour red.  

Hidden deep in the mine of Tim Toolen a lone miner has been busy setting off a series of small experiments.  Each one emitting a shock wave from his blog containing enough force to wake a hibernating panda from its' slumber.  His most recent bang in the world of TNT may have gone unnoticed due it being denoted deep within a post.  The ensuing explosion covered his metal armour in a layer of soot and grime.  Emerging from the devastation unscathed Tim shares how you to can not only survive but how to weather your armour with an explosion.

Ignoring these Tips 'n' Tricks on how to safely handle this explosive material can lead one down a perilous road of name calling and illness.  When your skin is stained a bright yellow-orange colour and your loved ones are calling you a Canary its not because you can sing like big bird.  It's because your complextion is a disgusting colour, you pissing what appears to be blood and are suffering from TNT poisoning.  Hell you might as well be transmitting the avian flu virus cause nobody is going to like you not even a plague marine.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #12: The 40k n00b

The sheer amount of angry and hate that is propagated across the warp is unfathomable at times.  There are those that wish nothing more than see mankind chock on its' own humanity. They prey upon the weak, the needy, the helpless addicts that pollute the hive cities of the Blog-o-sphere.  The 40k n00b aka Warflake is one of this angry individuals and is hell bent on starting a mob sized riot with latest scheme, a GIVEAWAY!!!  That's right he is going to be dishing out a free, I said FREE, gift certificate for Wayland Games to one done and out scumbag.  If you want to be that lucky dirtbag that gets to satisfy their plastic crack addiction you better head on over to The 40k n00b's blog and get his attention.  Just be forewarned though there is a crazed Panda on lose that is devouring anyone who stands in his way.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 The Idols of Khorne Part 1

The Idols of Khorne Part 1
Planet Fall
A Ravenous 1750pts Battle Report
Basking in the red glow of the Drop Pod's navigation globe, The Ravenous salivated at what was about to happen.  They licked the blood off their cracked and tattered lips as Blood Lord Manitous cantillated the consecration of Khorne to his wolf pack.  Each of member of his pack had not fed for some time and were thirsting for the chance to fill their stomachs.  Manitous cared little about their hunger as he brought his wolves here for a higher purpose.  Eight ancient Idols of Khorne were scattered across this unholy imperial world.  Each filled with with the blood of Khorne himself.  Each nothing on their own, but together they held the power to Daemonhood.  He wanted nothing more than to ascend in the name of the Blood God and was not going to let anything stand in his way.  This included the Genestealer Cult that had render the population to its knees and the various imperial forces that were here to cleanse the Tyranid swarm.

"Coordinates have been set and we will be making planet fall at dawn.  The Vindicator and Blood Hunters Alpha's Razorback have secured the landing site.  They report no sign of either imperial or nids in the vicinity."

Blood Lord Manitous' drop pod was the first to cracked open.  Five Blood Fangs each carrying a multi-melta systematically scanned their surroundings as they disgorged down the ramps.  These five wolves along with their Pack Leader and Seidhr, a Rune Priest, are Manitous' honour guard.  All of them along with Lord Manitous quickly took to the high ground in the center of the battlefield.  From high up on this perch they would be able to spot any sign of enemy movement with ease.  Simultaneously Five Blood Guards in terminator armour landed to the north of their current position.  In between them was the first of two Khorne Idols in the vicinity. "WHERE IN THE WENDIGO IS THAT DROP POD GOING!" Howled Manitous as he watched his Dreadnought's drop pod veer off its course to the west.  Impacting between a cliff and a dense ticket of crystalline trees, it was a bloody miracle that the Drop Pod did not have a mishap.  Counting the blessing of Khorne for sparing his prized Dreadnought he quickly realized it came at a cost.  Both the Drop Pod and the Dreadnought blocked the Vindicator's and Razorback's route along the west flank.  Neither of them were in position to secure the second Khorne Idol or provide fire support if enemy reared its' head.

Like a candle signalling the moth a swarm of bug emerges to north around the second Khorne Idol.  A devils scream echo across the battle and one would of expected it to be that of bugs but it was actually Seidhr's Chooser of the Slain screaming at him to look behind him to the west.  Lumbering in a supernatural speed a brood of Genestealers had outflank the Vindicator and the Razorback by scaling the cliff on their left.  The stragglers lashed out at the rear ends of both vehicles but were only able to scratch their armour.  The bulk of the brood directed their rending claws at Blood Lord Manitous and his honour guard.  Thanks to Seidhr's pet fiend they were able to counter attack the Genestealers thus stealing the element of surprise from them. Even still two of his honour guard were struck down before they were able to draw their blades.  Their loyal Pack Leader knew that their multi-meltas would be needed against the larger Tyranids and stepped in front of one his Blood Fangs to prevent the Brood Lord from taking his head clean off.  This noble act cost him not only his left arm but his entire left side of his face.  Lord Manitous strode slowly into the fray punishing one genestealer after the other with his powerfist and daemon axe.  His enormous size and bulk was misleading as he was able to execute his attacks just as fast as the bugs could.  One by one he smashed in their xenos skulls leaving nothing more than a pool of gelatine and blood on the ground till there were all gone.  Using the dark red glow of the twin suns rising up over the landscape Blood Hunter Omega used its' sun flare to mask their drop pods descent.  Impacting next to the Dreadnoughts drop pod they were able to circle the wagons around the Khorne Idol that they were currently in possession of.  With the nids out of effective weapons range each squads Skull Champion ordered his pack to reposition.  Glancing over at Seidhr Manitous bark out "Stay put with the Blood Fangs on this hill you creep and keep that ghoulish pet of your away from ME! I'll be with the Blood Guard from here on out..."

Lumbering across the battlefield two Tervigon's began disembowelling Termagaunt after Termaguant.  Congregating around these massive queens the landscape around them turned into a sea of xenos bugs.  Several warriors to east and a squad of smaller sized bugs excreted their bio weapons at Seidhr and the Blood Fangs forcing them to keep their heads down.  Down for what though?  The ground erupted like a volcano answer Seidhr's question.  A god dam Trygon.  Bio-electric pulses of emitted out of snake like tail at Seidhr and the Blood Fangs.  The Blood Fang's wolf shaped helmet to the left of Seidhr exploded into a red mist.  As if this was not enough a second brood of Genestealers clambered up the cliff next to the Vindicator and the drop pod in front of it.  They stripped the steel armour off the Vindicator like it was merely flesh.  One of them must have ignited the fuel cells as it explode into a ball of flames that engulfing two of the Genestealers.  Blood Hunters Alpha deployed from their Razorback and create a firebase to support Omega on their assault against the Genestealers.  Using the drop pod and vindicator debris as cover their storm of bullets failed to drop any of the Genestealers.  It did give Omega the opportunity to him them from their flank.  Both Ravenous blood and xenos blood poured out the bodies of their warriors.  When the dust settled all that was left standing was Omegas Blood Guard and his second in command.  The rest of the Ravenous unleashed their vengeance at the Trygon leaving it badly wounded.

The xenos tide continue to swarm the battlefield.  Both of Tervigons continued to spew out Termagaunts till the second Khorne Idol was hidden from sight.   A second Trygon burrowed up from the ground next to the first one threating to break The Ravenous ring of steel.  The fifth and final drop pod deployed Blood Hunters Echo behind the two Tervigons while positioning themselves just short of the second Khorne Idol.  Focus their fire along with the Blood Fangs and the Dreadnoughts multi-meltas The Ravenous were able to it shoot down the wounded oversized worm.

A hail of bio weapons spat out at both Blood Hunter Echo and their drop pod.  All but two of the wolves were able to scrambling down the backside of the hill that their drop pod had landed next to.  The two who did not make it to safety were given the gift of death on the battlefield.  While their drop pod was turn in a molten slag of twisted metal and debris.  Sensing not only the lurking shadow of defeat but the wraith of Blood Lord Manitous Squad Echo choose to throw themselves at the swelling mass of Tyranids that surrounded the second Idol of Khorne.  Hacking and slashing their blades at the wall bugs with a ferocity of wolf caught in a hunters trap the seven of them were able to kill dozen bugs without even suffering a mere scratch.  Knowing that the ebb of the Tyranids was just the vanguard of their tide Manitous knew he had to cut his loses including Blood Hunters Echo if needed.  With at least one Idol of Khorne in his possession all was not lost. "Blood Guard, Honour Guard, Alpha and Omega protect the first Idol of Khorne no matter the cost!!!"  Echo you dug your grave and it's up to you to find a way out of it."

One by one Echo drowned in the sea of Tyranids despite their valiant effort to please their Blood Lord.  Using their moment of this victory to their advantage the nids press towards The Ravenous.  Seidhr summoned the power of the warp to their aid and cast down a murderous hurricane of aether at the closest squad of Termagants.  Head after head imploded from the pressure of the storm that swirlled around while the rest became entangled in the energy of the warp itself.  Slithering away from the vortex of blood and magic the Trygon sidestepped the Dreadnought so it could lash out at the Rune Priest.  Waiting like a mongoose poised to strike Blood Hunters Alpha cut the Trygons path off to Seidhr.  Their melta-gun seared off one of its' appendages while the bolters pushed it back.  This gave Lord Manitous the opportunity they needed.  Like a bat out of hell three Storm Raven swooped in to pick up The Ravenous and the one Idol of Khorne that they had secured.  Rushing towards them all but squad Omega was able to extract themselves in time.

Neither a loss or Victory was at a hand.   Casualties were minimum but those of the pack that had perish would be standing before the Blood God now.  Each would present Khorne with their trophy rack of brass skulls in an attempt to prove their might.  Those that were deemed worthy enough would serve him in the after life.  Those who did not would face an eternity of shame and defeat.  If all went according to plan he would be the Daemon Prince to administer their fate.

Monday, February 20, 2012

0 Monday vs The Man Cave

In the dark nether world of reality, shadowy figures come to life
Armies of interrupted robots commit atrocities as they march in the name of strife
Incandescent eyes sear the darkness of truth into my feeble little mind
While insidious deities warp the solitude and chaos to bind

These are but a few of the twisted creation that my mind indulges itself on when it realizes that Monday has arrived.  As my thoughts twist and fuse into the spawn of a lost soul descending into a abysmal dank cave my imagination defecates all over my desk.  The only condolence are the chattering teeth of the lost souls that circle overhead like vultures to a dying imperial guardsman.  Surrounded by my immaterium of trinkets that are stuffed into the coffin that I call my room, I languish in their laughter.  This is where I reside and it is here that I will die.  Like the Ferryman of Hades carrying the souls of the newly deceased to the world of the dead I will be guiding you to the realm that I call The Man Cave.
Slowly dipping our toes into the tepid waters that flow through The Man Cave you are surrounded by robots, donuts, demons and they are just the ones that labels can be attached to.  Of course their is still the mundane furniture that accompanies the first day of week but a necessity in the world of miniatures.  An Ikea chair and desk are the focal point of the cave.  Acting as a plastic laboratory that pumps out my minions of Chaos.  It is littered with a grey substances that parallels the addiction that only heroin could provide.  To the right is a couch that demands the slaughter of innocent sheep each and every night.  To left an oversized imaging device for transmitting the Litanies of Hate.  Littered throughout the room are trophies of the wars I have raged across Terra.  In the weeks to come you witness the battles that have been wage between the Days of our Lives and The Man Cave.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Sunday Best #29: The Colour Done

When I was wee little panda with soft fluffy fur like that of baby kitten's behind I often wonder where the colour puke came from.  The kaleidoscope of colour in the spectrum of a technicolor scream perplexed my mind.  If I could answer only one of the many Unsolved Mysteries that Robert Stack could not solve from 1987 till 2002 it would be a close race between the alternate theory that the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov survived the 1918 regicide that killed her entire family or the paranormal conundrum of what does the colour Done look like?  This week's Sunday Best explores several pop culture theorist and their motivationally compelling arguments on what the colour Done looks like.

Theorist #1 - Legion 9 Studios: Sanguinary Guard Complete
Donz0 puts forth a convincing argument that the colour Done is angelic in colour with an after glow that radiates a golden hue.  His Sanguinary Guard support this theory by uplifting his choice in colours.  The smooth metallic golds, incandescent blue and the glittering red gems are truly a site to behold.  Without a doubt these death mask wearing angels of mercy are a strong contender to become a Crayola Crayon.

Theorist #2 - Dark Future Games: Hive Fleet Behemoth Hive Guard and Gants!
Old School Terminator may not be a young hip neophyte but his wisdom in the art of Done is unparalleled by any other blogger.  His ability to project the Shadow of the Warp in such an illuminating fashion poses a sever threat to other Done Theorist.  Feathering the idea that an array blue hues and deep bright reds are the secret to bio massing the colour Done Old School Terminator communicates a strong synaptic link to the minds of his supporters.

Theorist #3 - Excommunicate Traitoris: Skyclaw Squad Painted!
Building off the success of Prince Adam of Eternia Karitas claws at the sky itself to render his models in the power of Greyskull.   With flowing locks of yellow hair, ginger red mohawks to browned lamb chops he combines a wide array of painting techniques in his thesis.  The most compelling of these techniques is his ability to paint golds in a Non-Metallic Metal fashion.  The after-burn of their Jump Packs leaps out with an intensity that few others could weather.  His proclamation for the colour Done has even his chief adversary Skeletor shaking in fear.

Theorist #4 - Goatboy40k: Wednesday Late Post
With a constant work load of commissioned work it is amazing at Goatboy's ability to push forth his own ideas on the colour Done.  Helping to eat his way throw the pile of grey lifeless models that surround him on a weekly basis is an army of goats, thugs, Orks and pirates.  With their help he is able to create models that saturate the colour spectrum with a complimentary vibrant yet dark colour scheme.  This Satyr tramples his fellow colour theorist with an array of models that have a distinct signature look to them that non of them can replicate.

Its hard to digest all the information being put forth by these various experts in the field of the colour Done but if you take the time to explore their work one quickly becomes enthralled in their side of the debate. In the end they all have one underlining similarity...they each have a collection of models to be proud of.  So if you are looking for inspiration on how you could paint your next unit of models look to these artist before you start puking out a random array of colours.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Haiku Thursday #16: Alone

time escapes my mind ,
Hump day has eaten Thursday
dying all alone...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

9 Sunday Best #28: Roller Bashers

Sunday February 12th, West Texas Roller Dollz presents an extravaganza event like no other.  A DERBY DOUBLE HEADER.  To miss such an event is to punch oneself in the face.  Four teams battling it out for a position in this week's Sunday Best.  Opening up the jaw splitting action we have the Madhouse Psychos vs the Dark Grotesques.  This match pits two power house teams going head to head in a no holds bar match up.  Virtues of the Inquisition versus Karita's Scouts are headlining this roller derby blood bath.  Both of these teams value finesse over brute strength and both play the game in plaid panties. Without further ado lets put our fist together and give these girls a warm bloody nose of a welcome.

Team #1 - The Madhouse Workshop: Chaos Space Marines
Team manager and coach of the Madhouse Psychos, PsychosisPC has been been slugging it out in the Roller Derby circuit longer than any other personality in the sport.  His extensive background in go-carting gives him a unique perspective on the sport.  He has kitted his team of bashers out with an extensive array of protective equipment that gives them a reaver like quality to them.  From skulls to horns to gas mask to tabors each member of this kit is dedicated to create chaos on the track.

Team #2 - Eldar Addict: Dark Eldar Grotesques
EldarAddict has a finecast horde of characters on his roller derby team of grotesque ghouls.  These xenos freaks don't play by the rules and known for their left hooks.  One or two of these monstrosities are known for clawing the faces of their opponents with their devious nails while others have a knack for lashing out with tentacle like whips.  All in all the Dark Grotesque play a gritty game that will leave you speechless.

Team #3 - A Gentleman's Ones: A Virtue
A late week edition to the bill has a legend of the sport leading a team of highly skilled veterans.  Brian, more popularly known has The Gentleman, built this team on the 23 hour and arrange for them to be a contender in this week's Sunday extravaganza.  Each member of the team was hand picked for the Inquisitions of Virtue for their size and raw power.  Each one brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and the best kit that their salaries could buy.  WIthout a doubt they are a kill team in the making.

Team #4 - Excommunicate Traitoris: Wolf Scouts
Karita's Scouts are a ferocious pack of Wolves that have the taste of blood on their palette and are thirsting for more.  Stripped down to the bare bones these Scouts are an agile pack that pick out the weakest member of the opposing team.  Each one a lone wolf in their own right but when playing as a pack they can take down the biggest and nastiest players on the circuit.

Without a doubt this week's Sunday Best is matching up to be a demolition of a derby and you would be mad to miss out on it.  Bones will be broken, faces will be bashed and blood will be spilt.  To avoid punching yourself in face and looking like a grot head on over to each of their blogs for a taste of what is to come.

Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Tales of the Unexpected Vol 1

"Look Captain! Men of Flame coming out of the crater!"

An Invasion of Volcano Men burned their way through the competition, despite having to climb their way out of a deep dark hole this past weekend at Gottacon.  How they ended up in this hole was of their own doing but their raise to flame (fame) was unexpected to say the least.

Their tale started with HOTpanda taking his Renegade Space Wolves to Gotta 2012.  A 3 day convention that delivers Tournaments for collectible miniatures (40k being one of them), collectible trading cards, role playing games, board games, and video games as well demonstrations, contests, information sessions, a variety of vendors and whatever else the community wants.  What HOTpanda wanted was the sweet succulent taste that of victory.  Unfortunately he forgot that he had to take the donuts out of his mouth first.  This resulted in HOTpanda chocking on the heart stopping, arty clogging bitterness of defeat.  His record after day one was 0 wins, 1 draw and 2 LOSES.  That's right he was a big LOSER!!!  HOTpanda was no where near hot let alone a win.  He hung his head in shame as he packaged away his Renegade Space Wolves wondering what happened?  Why had victory escaped his grasp.  A night of reflecting and plenty of sleep brought the answers he was looking for.

Sunday he rose like a phoenix from the flames of defeat and a clear level head.  Arriving early he set out his army for the judges to critic his painting/modelling work.  The judge gave him praise and tipped his hat at the level of detail, the verdigris and the theme of the army.  This praise elevated his spirit to new hieghts while giving him the hope that he needed.  Like pack of hungry wolves he tore the flesh of his opponent army off its bones.  Tasting what it was like to be a winner fuel the HOTpanda to rape his next opponents Sisters of Battle.  Just like the Men of Flame coming out of a crater HOTpanda dug himself out of his hole of misery with a "two and O" record for Sunday.
So where did this furry carnivorous bear find himself on the tournament rankings???  Middle of the pack was where he thought he would be.  Which he was in terms of Generalship as he placed 26 out of 60.  Not to shabby but hold your jaws shut as they are going to hit the floor when you hear the next three scores.  Third for sportsmanship and third for painting/modelling!!!  That's right he finished on the podium for soft scores which propelled him to an unexpected Overall Ranking...Eighth place!!!  Left in stasis of shock and awe like the Man who married a woman from the 4th dimension HOTpanda had placed EIGHT out of SIXTY!!!  Not to shabby for a mammal who has not played Warhammer 40k in the last six months.  So bow down to the bear expected the unexpected and fear the wraith that he will bring down on Gottacon next year.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

0 Sunday Best #27: Salvation

"Who eats my flesh, who drinks my blood, have eternal life"

Today was a day of salvation for me as I was lost amongst the non-believers.  Zombie Jesus answered my prayers though and made me believe.  Believe in a what though...a themeless Sunday Best.  Blasphemy some of you will say will others will not even give a dam as they only come to The Chaos Manifesto for the Robots and Donuts.  It was only a matter of time though and I knew that one day the Zombie Apocalypse would feast on theme that is Sunday Best.  Lurching all over my blog this week are three Blogging Zombies that have sunk their decaying teeth into my skull.

Sven's manage to put together a team of slobbering greens skins for the good old fashion game of Blood Bowl.  They are sure to punch, kick, head butt and even bite their way to a win if they don't eat the pig skin that is.  With it being Super Bowl Sunday and droves of Zombies mindlessly watching the game I figure Sven Boys fit the Buffalo Bills.  

Camerons Nurgle Imperial Renegades continue to strike fear into my themeless soul.  His devotion to these heretics is sacrilegious in nature that I am green in envy.  Documenting his struggle with finding a religious codex for them to consecrate their lives to while not compromising his own personal values.  He believes that he found a temple for them to practice his work in.

The bible of Warhhammer Fantasy is a vast tomb that has many hidden mysteries within.  Tales of undead raising up to the bones of forgotten prophets walking the earth.  The real mystery though is how one can win the god dam game.  Nikephoros has begun deciphering the hidden code in the Warhammer Bible and is graciously sharing this insight with his disciples.

Three unique Zombies each with a mind of their own.  Each with a theme of their own that has nothing to do with the next.  Each shambling their blood soaked feet all over this weeks Sunday Best.  In the end though they are my salvation and with them I will blog for eternity.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

0 Breaking News: Suffering From Defeat

HotPanda: "Morbo you could not be more correct as the Imperials seem to be dominating the player base this year at Gottacon."

Morbo: "Don't get me wrong there my bamboo eating fiend as their are some Xenos factions here taking advantage of the situation.  A Dark Eldar army was able to decimate a Grey Knight army in twenty five minutes!!!"

HotPanda: "TWENTY FIVE minutes!!!  Must of been a venom spam army with some dark lances to boot.  Unreal.  Morbo what can you tell us about the suffering though?  Reports are getting back to us that Chaos, both Space Marine and Daemons are lamenting from every orifice that they have."

Morbo: "Those reports are indeed correct despite many of the battles taking place on the Daemon Worlds themselves.  In particular The Ravenous are sitting at the bottom of the skull pile and with draw being the highlight of their performance."

HotPanda: "A bloody draw is all they have going for them?  Let me guess they lost to Space Marines not once but twice?"

Morbo: "Indeed Hotpants, two loses to Space Marines and their tie was against some big gnarly bugs.  Khorne is not going to be too pleased with his Renegade Wolves.  In fact I would bet my left bulging head vein that The Blood Gods kicks a puppy or two today."

HotPanda: "Stay tuned for more Abused Puppy whining and a better late then never Sunday Best."

Saturday, February 4, 2012

0 Saturday Shout Out #11: Cupboard of Nurgle

POW!!! 50 follows is all it took to get this abomination to crawl out of its cupboard.  Unfortunately for this beast of Nurgle he has until the 29th of February to get back in the dank hole that he crawled out of. Cause in twenty six days not one, not even two but three Champions of Nurgle will enslave this foul putrid beast under the control of Papa Nurgle's himself.  For the mouldy icing on the cake though each of these Champions of Pestilence will find a home amongst the followers of the CUPBOARD OF NURGLE!!! (cue echo) CUPBOARD NURGLE!!!  All it takes to have a shot at reaping Nurgle's Harvest is for you and your filthy shadow to follow this foul rotting monstrosity into the CUPBOARD OF NURGLE that he emerged from.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

0 WIP it Wednesday #20: Flesh & Blood

The flesh hooks stretch and pull the skin taunt over the blood stained body.  Ripping and tearing as it augments the appearance of this hemoglobin of a fiend.  Translucent in colour like a canvas waiting for an artist to paint on it.  The medium that it desires is death and it is about to paint it's masterpiece.

If only that was the case for me, sadly I am having an artistic crisis that has my skin crawling with fear.  It senses the dread that I feel every time I my fingers grasp a paint brush.  My mind doubts every crossroad that  I come to.  Double guessing each creative decision that I take.  Wounding if regret is the only way out.
Regret is not an option though as the green eyed monster has consumed the essence of my soul.  In the drivers seat it pushes me to brink of exhaustion.  Mimicking all that has fallen under my gaze.  Emulating the what I have not been able to achieve.  It tears the flesh off my eye lids exposing me to what I have been searching for...flesh and blood.