Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #19: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

The "stricken", "sorry stricken", "undead", "unmentionables", or just plain "zombies" are roaming the country side.  No one is safe not even Jane Austin in her pretty little white house.  I've been held up for the past month now and my supplies have all but dwindled.  It's just matter of time before those unmentionables find me.  They already ate my lady to be...I told her that she should take a musket with her but she said that would be unladylike.   Now its mine turn to die a slow miserable death...

Over the course of the past week my progress on the Company of Rot has lethargically moved forward like that of a zombie shambling through the English countryside.  I am utterly lost amongst my test models as I seem to repeat the same mindless habits over and over till I can withstand the hunger for success no more.  At this point I have to just walk away before my desire begins to stagnate like the flesh I am attempting to paint.  I need to feed though, I need to have but one thing, I need to have my brain at ease for I fear that I am going to lose control of my bodily functions if I cannot find a paint scheme for my zombies.  
It's my pride that is standing in my way.  I will not accept just any paint scheme, I want something that will push my skill.  I want my jaw to drop when I look at down at my models.  I want their mouths to ooze with grime, dirt and horror.  I want to inflict them with those traits so that I feel their teeth gnawing on my bristles of my brushes.  My pride has forsaken me this past week.
It's not that I hate colour of these zombies.  It's that I loath their lack of empathy for my ability to paint.  This prejudice I have for these undead soldier is unfounded and premature in nature.  They may aesthetically look like zombies but their composition is lacking in terms of decomposition.  Once again I find my mind wandering back to the words, grime, dirt and horror.  If only they were just that...


  1. Like your zombies and CSM. Good to see you still in the hobby. /Guildmaster

  2. Cheers Guildmaster...Just wish I could settle in on a paint scheme for these zombies so I can go Woody Harrelson on them.