Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 WIP it Wednesday #18: Children of the Warp

A Herald of the Eye of Chaos walks amongst us. Gathering all those who worship the tenants of Chaos around himself. Like a village crier it spreads the holy words of Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeentch and Slaanesh. The message it conveys is one of dire news. A message that those who wish to bask in the glory of Chaos best pay heed to. Gather your arms for we are going on a Black Crusade.

Like a mindless minion I have been tediously working away at not one but several projects. The progress has been slow as I am limited to sort bust of time where I can sit down for health reasons. These burst may be sort but they are getting to be more frequent and more often. As the excitement for each of these projects builds my desk slowly devolves into a chaotic mess.
Spawn, khorne berzerkers, lesser daemons, daemon princes, terminators, renegade imperial guardsmen, raptors, possessed and list goes on. Of note I have been successfully rebased the second phase of my home-brew renegade chapter, The Ravenous. The first stage was complete several months ago during the summer with my Renegade Space Wolf army. The second phase is the inclusion of the Chaos version of this army. Each play into the other ones claws as many of the units can jump from one codex to the other with ease. For example my Possessed Chaos Space Marines are Wolfen in disguise. What it also represents is a time line for the Ravenous. The Space Wolf version is of a time shortly after they embraced the tentacles of Chaos and the Chaos version is hundreds of years later. Gone are the icons and glyphs of Leman Russ all that remains is the hatred of the imperium.

Amongst these angles of death the eye can find two lone renegade imperial guardsmen. A scouting party one could say. These two mindless drones of Nurgle are from the Company of Rot and are undergoing genetic modifications. They are but test subjects of the infamous Fabius Bile. Progress is slow and steady but the results of these experiments have pleased the mad geneticist to no end. I have often struggled with painting skin and have languish over how I would approach these zombies and their rotting flesh. After several days of research I settled in on a grimy yellow flesh. The next stage is the cloth and body armour which is still in its primary stages of evolution. I am hoping to achieve a Blanchitsu effect on my models. Lots of neutral tans with a splash of red for good measure. 
Last but not least is a side project and hobby of mine; a Munny. I have thrown down one or two other Kidrobot vinyl models over the past year and each time I aim at improving my modelling skill set. This one has been touched by the taint of Nurgle. Far of from reaching its true form this model is a work in progress.

For those who made it this far, thank you for taking an interest in my personal hobby. I would also like to thank those who have encouraged me over the past month to embrace the Chaos of our hobby. Without them The Chaos Manifesto would of been lost to the Warp...


  1. @Brian - Been a long time since I painted but its about time that I did. It's relaxing and it's something that I enjoy. Thanks for the continued support.

  2. That is a table with a lot of grey plastic on it. I know that it is always what I try to avoid, but that is because I get sidetracked modelling and never get around to painting if I let myself go.

    Good Luck with your army, I like the idea of showing the army through time. Perhaps I may offer a bit of inspiration of my own:

  3. @ Tylermenz - First off thanks for checking out the blog and double thanks for the comment. I have zero kits to put together and about 2500 to 3000 points of models to paint. I have an incredible amount of projects I would love to start but before that happens my current plastic must be painted. Last your army has provided me with some inspiration.