Tuesday, January 31, 2012

0 Trimming the Wolf Fat

 The Ravenous, my Renegade Space Wolves, have gorge themselves over the past six months while not once seeing the battle field.  This has left them fat, bloated and lethargic.  Like a fat bottom girl in thong, their armour fits like a tube top and is barely visible.  What lead them to this predicament does not matter but what does is that they have been beckoned by their benevolent and kind god; Khorne.

With more fat than a McDonald's BigMac, The Ravenous need to trim some of that succulent lard off their bodies before they hit the Battle Field this weekend at Gottacon 2012.  Right now they are weighing in at a hefty 2000 points and need to slim down to healthy 1750 points.  Two hundred and fifty points is a significant weight drop for any army but even more so when it comes to the Ravenous.  They have very little room in terms of a minor league that they can call units up from.  This leave them little room to wiggle out of this predicament.  Let's just cut right into their backside and see what they are made of and what we can do to help them out.

275 = Logan Grimnar *Attached to LongFangs
245 = Njal StormCaller *Attached to LongFangs

150 = Dreadnaught: Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer & Drop Pod

295 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 5: Drop Pod
-WG1=Wolf Claws x 2, WG2=Wolf Claws x 2, WG3=Wolf Claws x 2, WG4=Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, WG5: Heavy Flamer/ChainFist

169 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 3: RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter
-WG1=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 1
-WG2=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 2
-WG3= Combi Flamer * attached to Long Fangs, by himself or to the Grey Hunters x 5 squad.

190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 1: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 2: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
120= Grey Hunters x 5 Squad 3: Meltagun and a RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
070 = Land Speeder: Heavy Flamer & Multi Melta

Heavy Support
175 = Long Fangs x 6: Multi Melta x5, Squad Leader & Drop Pod
120 = Vindicator: Siege Dozer


Like an alpha wolf getting to eat more than his fair share both HQs have consumed a significant amount of the points.  Megeddagik (Logan Grimnar) is not going to leave the pack without taking his Honour Guard, the Long Fangs with him.  Seithr the Blood Caller (Njal) is replaceable in the eyes of Megeddagik as feels that he grown bolder than his weight in skulls.  I would like to have a Rune Priest (100 point gain) to take his spot though which means something else has to go.  This leads me to stripping the three man Wolf Guard squad of their insignia.  In other words merging them into the other Wolf Guard unit while ditching the Razorback and the non terminators wearing wolf.  This would free up 63 points meaning I only half way their but where else can I trim the fat.  Two choices spring to my mind:

A - Drop the Vindicator and add a second Land Speeder with a Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta.
B - Ditch the Land Speeder while giving the new Rune Priest 19 points of extra fat.

So where would you trim the remaining fat; the vindicator or the Landspeeder or perhaps something different all together?

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