Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 Sunday Best #26: Vampire Counts

Bram Stoker, the Irish novelist that penned the famous gothic novel Dracula, is rolling over in his grave as we speak.  Sparkling Vampires???  I am so confused at the concept, that one question mark is not enough.  Someone needs to make a stand against these so called sparkling vamps and I have just the vampire in mind.  Count Von Count from Sesame Street.  This is a real Vampire with real OCD compulsions.  Sure he would prefer you refer to it as arithmomaniac, an obsessive counter, but I call it a ONE TWO THREE knock out punch. "Ah-Ah-Ah Three Punches to knock the Sparkle off that smug face of yours." Now that is out of my system it's time we let these three Vampire Counts have a go a kicking the sparkle off Games Workshop recent rule Warhammer Fantasy Rule book in this week's Sunday Best.

Vampire ONE - Fields of Blood: Weather Warning
Pete Dunn decided this past week to wash the glitter off the Vampire Counts Army book by exposing how it may effect the meta-game.  Focusing in on the Ethereal cloud that is swirling around the internet he offers Chicken Little some advice on how to stop the sky from falling.  Some armies out their may have better tools for propping up the sky but Pete ensures that those who don't will at least stand a chance at staying dry.

Vampire TWO - The Dice Abide: My Take on TK vs VC
Adam-B kicks the Tomb King Community in the junk for crying like a Twilight Vampire over at The Dice Abide.  In a head to head comparison that reads like a boxing tale of the tape he goes over the two Army books to see where the tears are coming from.  From summoning the undead to skeletons that guard to monstrous infantry that bumps in the night Adam leaves no sparkling stone unturned.

Vampire THREE - HERO's Gaming Blog: Some Observation on VC Gameplay
HERO exposes the weakness and strengths that he has come across in the Vampire Counts Army book to help his vampire kin from sparkling in the sunlight.  His nocturnal vision examines the shadow that your Vampire Lord casts over his minions, while giving some pre-fight advice on what punches you should be throwing.

Hopefully with the help of these three Vampire Counts  we can keep the sparkle off the Warhammer Fantasy  Community.  Just in case any of you stumble along the way just remember that Count Von Count is lurking in the shadows keeping track of how many cry babies there are...AH-AH-AH One Cry Baby!!!


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