Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 Sunday Best #25: I See Daemons

Inside each and everyone one of us lurks a daemon.  Hiding amongst the skeletons in our closet, they feed off our darkest secrets.  They indulge the subconscious mind to a malevolent plane of ether, corrupting our souls to commit acts of debauchery.   It is here in these acts that we can see the details of the devils at work.  This week's Sunday Best pulls back our eye lids and exposes the daemons that lurk within these three artists.

Like a fugitive caught in a tempest Mordian7th thirst for knowledge and power has lead him down a path of destruction.  Left in it's wake are ruminants of a heresy.  As you survey the wreckage one becomes hypnotized by the methodology of his work.  A distinct style that focus's on the act of painting from the heart; a dark cold heart.  

The fabric of reality has been torn wide open and the root cause of this act lies within Drathmere mind.  Stemming from the dark recesses of his psyche Drathmere has blended the daemonic essence of Khorne with his painting.  The subtlety in his ability to transition from one colour to next are reminiscent of a open wound.

Mutating his blood thirsty rage into hulking mass of daemonic flesh Tylormenz has opened his soul to the very essence of evil itself.  Barely able to contain the beast within half of his work has suffered a fate of irreplicable consequences.  Like "The Beast" itself I fear that hand of Tylormenz has been corrupted by an unquenchable thirst.

Each of these three bloggers have not only pulled back our eye lids to see the daemons within themselves but have placed a minor in front of us.  Deep within our minds lies a nest of daemons that are waiting to hatch.  When that happens is up to you whether you intend for it to happen or not is of little consequence.


  1. I am definitely honored to be up there and see some of my miniatures as the best of anything. HOTpanda, once again your poetry just gives me the chills, reading your posts is as interesting as the posts and picture you showcase.

  2. Those Bloodletters on the second link are sweet.

    I am working on my daemons as well right now. I got some daemons with your voucher and put a lot of stuff together. I will take some pictures once everything is assembled.

  3. @Tylermenz - Thanks for the lofty compliments. I'm just glad that you and other enjoy reading my blog. I absolutely appreciate it when someone takes the time and effort to leave a comment. Cheers.

    @The Antipope - Good to hear that you are reaping the benefits of my contest. Cannot wait to see what you do with your Daemon army.

  4. I search wide and far to find a picture that captures the theme. At the same time I want the picture to be eye catching. When I the waves of the blog-o-sphere the first ones I catch are those with a killer picture. From there its the headline and then the excert. This entire hobby revolves around imagery so why would you not include it in your blog post is how I see it.

  5. Thanks for the nod! Definitely had fun working up some flesh-changed Thousand Sons for my heresy-era army (for use as objective markers), but it's got me thinking about doing a late heresy version set during the Scouring, where the Thousand Sons had retreated to the Planet of the Sorcerers but prior to the Rubric of Ahriman. So many possibilities!

  6. Much like my dual army The Ravenous, traitor wolves and CSM an army like yours would give you a time line to document how they changed over time.