Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Sunday Best #24: The Hands of Chaos

Daemonic images seem to be haunting myself these days.  Lost in the turmoil of a chaotic mind I grasp at the fragments of reality before me.  Unable to hold on to a tangible thought for long I struggle to keep order in my life.  Chaos rules supreme these days and this week's Sunday Best is a tribute to the internal struggle that haunts my creative process.  Each of these bloggers have inspired me to fight back against the daemons that lurk in my mind.

Hand #1 - A Gentleman's Ones: Top Ten Models...Terminator Lord
Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones never fails to sink his grimy claws into my imagination with his mind blowing working.  His Chaos Terminator Lords reigning supreme on top of their mountain of skulls is no exception.  His models seem to hypnotize the eyes with their incredible level of detail.  Each model using specific bits to pull the eye towards the next.  Each of his models a testament to his daemonic powers.

Hand #2 - Warhammer in Progress: Khorne Army Progress
W.I.P. has captured the daemons that seem to have latched on to my thoughts.  Every detail on these models haunts my mind.  From the filth encrusted talons and claws that dig deep into the fabric of my essence.  To the leering faces that peer out of the corners of my eye.  These Khorne dedicated Chaos Space Marines are diabolical in nature and could only have been made from a true follow of the Blood God.

Hand #3 - 40k Hobby Blog: Chaos Possessed & Ultra Marine Traitors
The subtlety that Drathmere has touched each of his models with send chills down my spine.  Each of his Chaos Possessed Space Marine seem to wither and twist before me.  The delicate blending and balance of colours mimics the call of siren.  Luring it's viewer into a lull so that one is mesmorised by it horrific beauty.  A whisper turned into a scream.

Hand #4 - Green Stuff Industries: Sculpting Tools & Tips
G.S.I.'s hands appear to be human in nature but their touch is that of Chaos demi-god.  Able to create daemonic entities with wide variety of techniques and tools G.S.I. breaks down the secrets of trade.  Each of his tools embowed with essence of Daemon World he reveals how he is able to twist and sculpt a model into the fabric of reality.

Each of these bloggers have pushed me towards the chaotic barrier that stand before me and my hobby.  Each one forcing me to confront the daemons that lurk with the bricks and mortar.  Each one scratching away at my mind with a whisper.  Each one urging me to lash out with my own filth encrusted hands.  Without them and the help from a few others this blog might have been lost to the warp.  Instead the chaos has twisted itself inside out and has begun to rise like phoenix from the ashes of a dead sun.


  1. Humbled. Flattered. Thank you, sir, for the mention. You are far too kind. Grimy Claws indeed!

  2. Heads for those who care; WIP Wednesday will be back in two days with images of my traitor guard zombies and a nurgle inspired munny that I am working on.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Panda! Can't wait to see your work, sir!