Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Haiku Thursday #10: Escape

What's the meter for a shamble? If the great zombie poets could write down their moans and groans, would they stand the test of time? I have and over the holidays I opened a box of magnetic poetry that unleashed an army of zombies on my fridge.  This gift was compliments of my wife via ThinkGeek.  

The "Escape" is the first of many Zombie Haikus that I plan on writing and showing each and every Thursday.  To compliment these undead words I plan on painting my 30 zombie imperial guard.  My work on these Nurgle inspired guardsman will be show cased on Wednesdays. As for the rest of my blog I may have disappeared for the holiday season but my inspiration for the hobby was could not Escape my madness.  


  1. It's amazing that they provide "headshot" as a magnetic poetry word. HA! That's golden -absolutely golden.

  2. I am jealous of your haiku skills, sir. Now start painting them zombies!! XD

  3. Enjoying the Zombie poetry so I moved it to my desk top which is made stainless steal. Figure it gives me a reason to go to my desk which is where I model/paint. Essentially getting me to sit down in front of my models.