Tuesday, January 31, 2012

0 Trimming the Wolf Fat

 The Ravenous, my Renegade Space Wolves, have gorge themselves over the past six months while not once seeing the battle field.  This has left them fat, bloated and lethargic.  Like a fat bottom girl in thong, their armour fits like a tube top and is barely visible.  What lead them to this predicament does not matter but what does is that they have been beckoned by their benevolent and kind god; Khorne.

With more fat than a McDonald's BigMac, The Ravenous need to trim some of that succulent lard off their bodies before they hit the Battle Field this weekend at Gottacon 2012.  Right now they are weighing in at a hefty 2000 points and need to slim down to healthy 1750 points.  Two hundred and fifty points is a significant weight drop for any army but even more so when it comes to the Ravenous.  They have very little room in terms of a minor league that they can call units up from.  This leave them little room to wiggle out of this predicament.  Let's just cut right into their backside and see what they are made of and what we can do to help them out.

275 = Logan Grimnar *Attached to LongFangs
245 = Njal StormCaller *Attached to LongFangs

150 = Dreadnaught: Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer & Drop Pod

295 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 5: Drop Pod
-WG1=Wolf Claws x 2, WG2=Wolf Claws x 2, WG3=Wolf Claws x 2, WG4=Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, WG5: Heavy Flamer/ChainFist

169 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 3: RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter
-WG1=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 1
-WG2=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 2
-WG3= Combi Flamer * attached to Long Fangs, by himself or to the Grey Hunters x 5 squad.

190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 1: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 2: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
120= Grey Hunters x 5 Squad 3: Meltagun and a RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
070 = Land Speeder: Heavy Flamer & Multi Melta

Heavy Support
175 = Long Fangs x 6: Multi Melta x5, Squad Leader & Drop Pod
120 = Vindicator: Siege Dozer


Like an alpha wolf getting to eat more than his fair share both HQs have consumed a significant amount of the points.  Megeddagik (Logan Grimnar) is not going to leave the pack without taking his Honour Guard, the Long Fangs with him.  Seithr the Blood Caller (Njal) is replaceable in the eyes of Megeddagik as feels that he grown bolder than his weight in skulls.  I would like to have a Rune Priest (100 point gain) to take his spot though which means something else has to go.  This leads me to stripping the three man Wolf Guard squad of their insignia.  In other words merging them into the other Wolf Guard unit while ditching the Razorback and the non terminators wearing wolf.  This would free up 63 points meaning I only half way their but where else can I trim the fat.  Two choices spring to my mind:

A - Drop the Vindicator and add a second Land Speeder with a Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta.
B - Ditch the Land Speeder while giving the new Rune Priest 19 points of extra fat.

So where would you trim the remaining fat; the vindicator or the Landspeeder or perhaps something different all together?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 Sunday Best #26: Vampire Counts

Bram Stoker, the Irish novelist that penned the famous gothic novel Dracula, is rolling over in his grave as we speak.  Sparkling Vampires???  I am so confused at the concept, that one question mark is not enough.  Someone needs to make a stand against these so called sparkling vamps and I have just the vampire in mind.  Count Von Count from Sesame Street.  This is a real Vampire with real OCD compulsions.  Sure he would prefer you refer to it as arithmomaniac, an obsessive counter, but I call it a ONE TWO THREE knock out punch. "Ah-Ah-Ah Three Punches to knock the Sparkle off that smug face of yours." Now that is out of my system it's time we let these three Vampire Counts have a go a kicking the sparkle off Games Workshop recent rule Warhammer Fantasy Rule book in this week's Sunday Best.

Vampire ONE - Fields of Blood: Weather Warning
Pete Dunn decided this past week to wash the glitter off the Vampire Counts Army book by exposing how it may effect the meta-game.  Focusing in on the Ethereal cloud that is swirling around the internet he offers Chicken Little some advice on how to stop the sky from falling.  Some armies out their may have better tools for propping up the sky but Pete ensures that those who don't will at least stand a chance at staying dry.

Vampire TWO - The Dice Abide: My Take on TK vs VC
Adam-B kicks the Tomb King Community in the junk for crying like a Twilight Vampire over at The Dice Abide.  In a head to head comparison that reads like a boxing tale of the tape he goes over the two Army books to see where the tears are coming from.  From summoning the undead to skeletons that guard to monstrous infantry that bumps in the night Adam leaves no sparkling stone unturned.

Vampire THREE - HERO's Gaming Blog: Some Observation on VC Gameplay
HERO exposes the weakness and strengths that he has come across in the Vampire Counts Army book to help his vampire kin from sparkling in the sunlight.  His nocturnal vision examines the shadow that your Vampire Lord casts over his minions, while giving some pre-fight advice on what punches you should be throwing.

Hopefully with the help of these three Vampire Counts  we can keep the sparkle off the Warhammer Fantasy  Community.  Just in case any of you stumble along the way just remember that Count Von Count is lurking in the shadows keeping track of how many cry babies there are...AH-AH-AH One Cry Baby!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 WIP it Wednesday #19: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

The "stricken", "sorry stricken", "undead", "unmentionables", or just plain "zombies" are roaming the country side.  No one is safe not even Jane Austin in her pretty little white house.  I've been held up for the past month now and my supplies have all but dwindled.  It's just matter of time before those unmentionables find me.  They already ate my lady to be...I told her that she should take a musket with her but she said that would be unladylike.   Now its mine turn to die a slow miserable death...

Over the course of the past week my progress on the Company of Rot has lethargically moved forward like that of a zombie shambling through the English countryside.  I am utterly lost amongst my test models as I seem to repeat the same mindless habits over and over till I can withstand the hunger for success no more.  At this point I have to just walk away before my desire begins to stagnate like the flesh I am attempting to paint.  I need to feed though, I need to have but one thing, I need to have my brain at ease for I fear that I am going to lose control of my bodily functions if I cannot find a paint scheme for my zombies.  
It's my pride that is standing in my way.  I will not accept just any paint scheme, I want something that will push my skill.  I want my jaw to drop when I look at down at my models.  I want their mouths to ooze with grime, dirt and horror.  I want to inflict them with those traits so that I feel their teeth gnawing on my bristles of my brushes.  My pride has forsaken me this past week.
It's not that I hate colour of these zombies.  It's that I loath their lack of empathy for my ability to paint.  This prejudice I have for these undead soldier is unfounded and premature in nature.  They may aesthetically look like zombies but their composition is lacking in terms of decomposition.  Once again I find my mind wandering back to the words, grime, dirt and horror.  If only they were just that...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 Sunday Best #25: I See Daemons

Inside each and everyone one of us lurks a daemon.  Hiding amongst the skeletons in our closet, they feed off our darkest secrets.  They indulge the subconscious mind to a malevolent plane of ether, corrupting our souls to commit acts of debauchery.   It is here in these acts that we can see the details of the devils at work.  This week's Sunday Best pulls back our eye lids and exposes the daemons that lurk within these three artists.

Like a fugitive caught in a tempest Mordian7th thirst for knowledge and power has lead him down a path of destruction.  Left in it's wake are ruminants of a heresy.  As you survey the wreckage one becomes hypnotized by the methodology of his work.  A distinct style that focus's on the act of painting from the heart; a dark cold heart.  

The fabric of reality has been torn wide open and the root cause of this act lies within Drathmere mind.  Stemming from the dark recesses of his psyche Drathmere has blended the daemonic essence of Khorne with his painting.  The subtlety in his ability to transition from one colour to next are reminiscent of a open wound.

Mutating his blood thirsty rage into hulking mass of daemonic flesh Tylormenz has opened his soul to the very essence of evil itself.  Barely able to contain the beast within half of his work has suffered a fate of irreplicable consequences.  Like "The Beast" itself I fear that hand of Tylormenz has been corrupted by an unquenchable thirst.

Each of these three bloggers have not only pulled back our eye lids to see the daemons within themselves but have placed a minor in front of us.  Deep within our minds lies a nest of daemons that are waiting to hatch.  When that happens is up to you whether you intend for it to happen or not is of little consequence.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 WIP it Wednesday #18: Children of the Warp

A Herald of the Eye of Chaos walks amongst us. Gathering all those who worship the tenants of Chaos around himself. Like a village crier it spreads the holy words of Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeentch and Slaanesh. The message it conveys is one of dire news. A message that those who wish to bask in the glory of Chaos best pay heed to. Gather your arms for we are going on a Black Crusade.

Like a mindless minion I have been tediously working away at not one but several projects. The progress has been slow as I am limited to sort bust of time where I can sit down for health reasons. These burst may be sort but they are getting to be more frequent and more often. As the excitement for each of these projects builds my desk slowly devolves into a chaotic mess.
Spawn, khorne berzerkers, lesser daemons, daemon princes, terminators, renegade imperial guardsmen, raptors, possessed and list goes on. Of note I have been successfully rebased the second phase of my home-brew renegade chapter, The Ravenous. The first stage was complete several months ago during the summer with my Renegade Space Wolf army. The second phase is the inclusion of the Chaos version of this army. Each play into the other ones claws as many of the units can jump from one codex to the other with ease. For example my Possessed Chaos Space Marines are Wolfen in disguise. What it also represents is a time line for the Ravenous. The Space Wolf version is of a time shortly after they embraced the tentacles of Chaos and the Chaos version is hundreds of years later. Gone are the icons and glyphs of Leman Russ all that remains is the hatred of the imperium.

Amongst these angles of death the eye can find two lone renegade imperial guardsmen. A scouting party one could say. These two mindless drones of Nurgle are from the Company of Rot and are undergoing genetic modifications. They are but test subjects of the infamous Fabius Bile. Progress is slow and steady but the results of these experiments have pleased the mad geneticist to no end. I have often struggled with painting skin and have languish over how I would approach these zombies and their rotting flesh. After several days of research I settled in on a grimy yellow flesh. The next stage is the cloth and body armour which is still in its primary stages of evolution. I am hoping to achieve a Blanchitsu effect on my models. Lots of neutral tans with a splash of red for good measure. 
Last but not least is a side project and hobby of mine; a Munny. I have thrown down one or two other Kidrobot vinyl models over the past year and each time I aim at improving my modelling skill set. This one has been touched by the taint of Nurgle. Far of from reaching its true form this model is a work in progress.

For those who made it this far, thank you for taking an interest in my personal hobby. I would also like to thank those who have encouraged me over the past month to embrace the Chaos of our hobby. Without them The Chaos Manifesto would of been lost to the Warp...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Sunday Best #24: The Hands of Chaos

Daemonic images seem to be haunting myself these days.  Lost in the turmoil of a chaotic mind I grasp at the fragments of reality before me.  Unable to hold on to a tangible thought for long I struggle to keep order in my life.  Chaos rules supreme these days and this week's Sunday Best is a tribute to the internal struggle that haunts my creative process.  Each of these bloggers have inspired me to fight back against the daemons that lurk in my mind.

Hand #1 - A Gentleman's Ones: Top Ten Models...Terminator Lord
Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones never fails to sink his grimy claws into my imagination with his mind blowing working.  His Chaos Terminator Lords reigning supreme on top of their mountain of skulls is no exception.  His models seem to hypnotize the eyes with their incredible level of detail.  Each model using specific bits to pull the eye towards the next.  Each of his models a testament to his daemonic powers.

Hand #2 - Warhammer in Progress: Khorne Army Progress
W.I.P. has captured the daemons that seem to have latched on to my thoughts.  Every detail on these models haunts my mind.  From the filth encrusted talons and claws that dig deep into the fabric of my essence.  To the leering faces that peer out of the corners of my eye.  These Khorne dedicated Chaos Space Marines are diabolical in nature and could only have been made from a true follow of the Blood God.

Hand #3 - 40k Hobby Blog: Chaos Possessed & Ultra Marine Traitors
The subtlety that Drathmere has touched each of his models with send chills down my spine.  Each of his Chaos Possessed Space Marine seem to wither and twist before me.  The delicate blending and balance of colours mimics the call of siren.  Luring it's viewer into a lull so that one is mesmorised by it horrific beauty.  A whisper turned into a scream.

Hand #4 - Green Stuff Industries: Sculpting Tools & Tips
G.S.I.'s hands appear to be human in nature but their touch is that of Chaos demi-god.  Able to create daemonic entities with wide variety of techniques and tools G.S.I. breaks down the secrets of trade.  Each of his tools embowed with essence of Daemon World he reveals how he is able to twist and sculpt a model into the fabric of reality.

Each of these bloggers have pushed me towards the chaotic barrier that stand before me and my hobby.  Each one forcing me to confront the daemons that lurk with the bricks and mortar.  Each one scratching away at my mind with a whisper.  Each one urging me to lash out with my own filth encrusted hands.  Without them and the help from a few others this blog might have been lost to the warp.  Instead the chaos has twisted itself inside out and has begun to rise like phoenix from the ashes of a dead sun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

5 Saturday Shout Out #10: Achievements for the Wolf God

Saga of the Blogger is a long perilous journey that can only be achieved through dedication and a love for slaying words.  Skarvald the Troll-faced over at Wolves for the Wolf God is one such blogger.  With several armies on the go a thirst for all that is Warhammer Skarvald the Troll-faced delivers a blog that aims to not only share his love for the hobby but one that will inspire you to achieve new accomplishments.

This holiday season the Troll-faced unlocked a new set of achievements of his own.  With it being the season for giving he posted one hell of gift for all of us to enjoy.  Head on down to his Wolves for the Wolf God and you will a list of a hundred or so ways to challenge how you use and play the Space Wolves Codex.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Haiku Thursday #10: Escape

What's the meter for a shamble? If the great zombie poets could write down their moans and groans, would they stand the test of time? I have and over the holidays I opened a box of magnetic poetry that unleashed an army of zombies on my fridge.  This gift was compliments of my wife via ThinkGeek.  

The "Escape" is the first of many Zombie Haikus that I plan on writing and showing each and every Thursday.  To compliment these undead words I plan on painting my 30 zombie imperial guard.  My work on these Nurgle inspired guardsman will be show cased on Wednesdays. As for the rest of my blog I may have disappeared for the holiday season but my inspiration for the hobby was could not Escape my madness.