Sunday, November 27, 2011

0 Sunday Best #22: Showcase

Daniel Seagrave, a British artist that created a plethora of death metal album covers and was recently showcased in the art and culture magazine known as Juxtapoz.  His attention to detail is unreal and the images that he conjures up are reminiscent of daemon worlds.  The painting above may be titled "City Roots" but the glass tubes appear to be showcasing the despair of the inhabitants.  This weeks "Sunday Best" are inhabitants of the city known as Blog-o-Sphere and are each showcasing the work of hobby related artist(s).

Inhabitant #1 - Dark Future Games: It Came From the Forums
Old School Terminator appears to never change out of his Sunday Best as he once again find his way into The Chaos Manifesto.  This weeks he is showcasing the work of Mad Matt, who has created an impressive Dark Templar army that is lavish from head to toe.

Inhabitant #2 - Hungry Ghosts: Kastle of Khorne
Hungry Ghost has amassed a collection of Chaos Dwarfs that blow your mind away.  The crazy part is that this past weeks post was but a fraction of his work.  Over the month or so he will running a guided tour through the Kastle of Khorne.  I have been following his blog for quite some time now now and every post leaves me in awe of his Chaos Dwarves.

Games Workshop has been pumping out blog post after blog post for quite some time now.  From showcasing the work of various customers to studio built armies to Golden Demon winners Games Workshop is using their blog as a pedestal for the hobby.  The Golden Daemon winners from Italy are deservingly showcased this month on their blog.

Each of these artist like Daniel Seagrave have lavish their models with a level of detail that surpasses their peers.  Their collection of models and the time they spent creating their works of art is incomprehensible.  All that one can do is view the beauty that they have created as we float on past in our glass tubes.

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