Sunday, November 13, 2011

7 Sunday Best #20: Necrons

"In appearance, the Necrons are skeletal parodies of living beings with radiating energies emanating from their mechanical limbs and lifeless eyes. All of their numbers possess sophisticated auto-repair systems throughout their exo-skeletal systems that can repair even the most crippling of damages. While this can keep them functioning constantly, should there be irreparable damage sustained, the Necron "phases out". Both their minds and their bodies are teleported to the nearest tomb complex where they either remain in storage until repairs are made or a new body is forged. This act does, however, come at a cost as each act of transferrence leads to a decay in the Necron's engrams. As such, those Necrons that have "died" and phased out hundreds of times suffer the most for they become little more than automatons who have lost the memory of the creature that they used to be in life" (Lexicanum).  You cannot keep a good robot down and long time readers of The Chaos Manifesto know that you cannot keep good robot from me either.  No matter how you decide to take out a Necron they find a way to drag their metallic body out of the mud.  You can call them all kinds of nasty names, shoot them full of holes and even drop a bomb on them and they will get back up.  The blog-o-sphere tried hard this week by dragging the new Necron Codex through the mud but several bloggers set up bikini Necron washes.  They not only cleaned the mud off the robots but they polished them for the rest of the world to admire.  This week's "Sunday Best" are those such individuals so without further ado here they are.

Bikini #1 - The Emperor's  Codex: Necron Complaints Already?
Drkmorals is shocked at how fast it took the naysayers to start flinging the mud.  From his perspective the Necrons not only received a new codex, but one that expanded their fluff, gave them new units, new weapons and of course new rules.  Drkmorals not only cleaned off the mud but applied some eye linear and lipstick to the Necron Codex highlighting its' strong points.

Bikini #2 - White Scars: Food for Thought - Matt Ward
Stillfrosty found some frozen mud that was left over from the previous codices that the Necron Author brought upon the new Necron Codex.  Hopefully Matt Ward has figured out a way to follow in the footsteps of the Silent King as he is one hated man.  Stillfrosty chips away at frozen dirt on the Necron codex and offers Matt Ward a baby wipe.  Despite being able to see past the authors name and recognized the Necron codex for what it is he is left wonder why all the hate for Matt Ward.

Bikini #3 - Three Color Minimum: Necrons - A Fluffy Perspective
Student Teacher ignores the mud all together and shines a flood light onto the Necron Codex.  Focusing his efforts onto the codex's fluff he provides those of us without the codex a glimpse into the dark catacombs of the Necrons rich radiating history that now define who they are.

Bikini #4 -  From the Warp: How to Paint Necrons
Ron might have been able to clean the mud off the Necrons but he was unable to overcome millions of years of rust.  Then again it appears that Ron embedded the rust into his Necrons when painted his. Ron's provides his readers with an in-depth tutorial on one of many ways to paint your Necron Warriors.

Bikini #5 - Dark Future Games: It Came From the Forums - Swamp Necrons
Old School Terminator was not able to clean the mud off these Necrons but he did one hell of job at job at scrapping the mud off of them.  A timely effort on his behalf that highlights Marco Schulze swamp themed Necrons.  He may have scrapped a little to hard and deep as he also uncovered some Kroot Mercenaries underneath all that mud.

Bikini #6 - Immaterium Press: Well, they did say they’d be back
Dan Byer went well beyond cleaning the mud off the Necron codex by employing industrial cleaning product.  His thoughts on the Necrons codex are able to clean not only the outside of these automated machines but their core as well.  His insight into the Necron codex explains some of the trends we will see in Necron Armies and explores the coding behind some of the key units.

The mud slinging was heavy over the week that was and the negative emotions were flowing high.  The six bloggers above provided not only a bath for the Necrons but a refreshing insight.  Without bloggers like them the blog-o-sphere would turn on itself in due time by eating itself.  Much like trying to keep a Necron down these blogger should help ensure that you are able to say "we'll be back".


  1. Thanks for shout out Panda I enjoy reading these every week and seeing what themes you come up with. Keep it up man!!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the series as much as I am. For me it gets me out there surfing the various blogs that are pumping out content week after week. I enjoy the challenge of finding a correlating theme amongst my favorite post of the week that was. With this past week being the New Necron codexs debut I had ton of Necron posts to chose from. I had to filter out a metric ton of negativity though. It was easy from a theme stand point but from a positive and quality stand point that was where the challenged was.

  3. You're very right. The Necrons have been taking a pounding. Why? They were nothing like I expected, they're better. I'm among the 314 who thought they were fantastic.

  4. Me too, I like the new necrons a lot.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! It is nice to see someone taking the time to point out all the good that is being said as opposed to all the negative that we seem to see too much of!

  6. Without positive bloggers like yourself my post would not of been possible. So thank you for the post and for taking the time to leave a comment. Wish more people shared their thoughts.