Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Haiku Thursday #4: Corpse Emperor

murdering thousands
emperor giving silence...
his lapdogs yapping

+++Svane Vulfbad+++


  1. Does Thursday just so happen to be the best day to post haiku poetry for you, too?

  2. Each post type I like have on certain day:

    Model Mondays = Pics of my finished models
    WIP it Wednesday = Work in progress pictures
    Haiku Thursday = Haiku
    Friday Flashback = Old post I that I feel need some more attention
    Saturday Shout-out = The promoting of blogs that promote mine
    Sunday Best = Top X with a theme from the week that was

    Haiku Thursday was my most recent addition and it had only two days to pick from. I wrote 20 or so Haiku for the House of Paincakes Idol competitions that they never used so figured why not on Thursdays. After publishing mine I quickly noticed that your blog also was using Thursdays as well. Hey maybe it's a movement

  3. I like this one. You win. I hereby award you one internets.