Friday, November 11, 2011

8 Birthday Giveaway Winner Is...

It's been one hell of month of partying over here at the Chaos Manifesto.  Between Billy Idol committing acts of debauchery and all the sex crazed Daemonettes running around you would swear that Satan took over the Playboy Mansion.  The after party is wrapping up so you better start pounding back the liquor and beer while my Robot maids start to kill up the mess.  By the way anyone passed out will be mistaken by the Robot maids as a dead corpse and will be disposed of accordingly.   Let's just hope that if you end up being feed to the pigs out back that you were not one of the two winners for my birthday giveaway.  Cannot quite figure out why I am giving away gifts when it my birthday but my staff of personal robots, in suits that are way too tight, highly advised it.  Something to do with the prevention of a donut attack they said but I stopped listening once my mind began to wonder if they all had guns or were just happy to see me.  I guess I should stop rambling and announce the winners...Winner of the GW Gift Certificate is...


That's right I am a scumbag who joined his own blog to buff my numbers and for the icing on the cake I won my own prize. Hahahahahaha SUCKERS!!!  Seriously I used a random generator and it picked number 88 which corresponded with me, the HotPanda.  All right all right I will run the random generator all are a bunch of little school girls crying over spilt milk.  Winner of the GW Gift Certificate is...

The Antipope

Congratulation HotPANDA on winning a GW Gift Certificate for the large sum of $40.  You have 7 days to leave a comment on this post or the prize reverts back to me as I will assume that you were fed to the pigs or were abducted by a Donut.  Hey, all you stop your whining as I will pick a new winner if that happens just as long as no one tells the authorities about what happened here at the Chaos Manifesto over the weekend.  The last thing I need is to be put on trial for involuntary manslaughter for giving someone the wrong dosage of their meds.  As for the other prize, the mystery one, for those of you who gave me a shout out post on your blog, the winner is....

Skarvald the Troll-faced

What...who even put his name in the draw in the first place???  I told you dam robots to not only throw him out of the party and burn everything he touched including his tickets for the giveaways.  Congratulations Skarvald the Troll-face as you are the Lucky winner of....cue drum roll please...a box of...smashed donuts!!! Just kidding, you actually going to receive a $15 GW Gift Certificate.  You too have 7 days to leave a comment on this post or I will simple assume you have eaten your face off and will redraw the prize.  I really dug the shout you gave me, especially the fire breathing HOTpanda!!!  Pure awesomeness.
Cheers to everyone for joining my blog and following it.  To all you who leave a comment from time to time thanks for letting me know your thoughts.  Those who have me me on their blog rolls and or gave a shout out you are always welcome to lurk in the dark corners of my blog.  Everyone it's time for you to get the hell out of here as my mom is on here way over for a cup of tea.


  1. Yo, HOTPanda! You won fair and square so tell the anti-Pope better luck next time. Haha, just joking of course... congratulations to Skarvald the Troll-Faced and The Anti-Pope!!

  2. I do believe there is only one Antipope and that would indeed be you.

  3. The Antipope and Skarvald the Troll-Faced please send me an email at so I can arrange with both of you on how you would like to receive your prizes.

  4. That dash in the middle threw me off!

  5. Oh, man! Thank you so much! I know something good was going to happen today as soon as I woke up. I'll shoot you an e-mail by the end of today! :)

  6. So yeah.. Um. Do I need to e-mail you my address or what? :)

  7. I am going to send you a virtual gift certificate just need you to send me an email then I will send one to you with what I need.