Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 Sunday Best #17: Army of...

Sometime life gives a chainsaw and a shotgun instead of lemons.  Next thing you know you are leading an army of reluctant humans against a skeleton Deadite army.  Other times life just gives you a couple cans of campbell soup, a wacky poster and the notion to build a Warhammer 40k army.  In this week's "Sunday Best" life did not bless them with a chainsaw or a shotgun but rather the concept of posting about the finer points of building an army in the world of Warhammer 40k.

Soup #1 - The Alternative Table: How to Pick Your 40k Army
DocBrown over at The Alternative Table was digging deep this week when he posted not one but several articles about the finer points of picking your 40k army.  He explores his inner thought process and explains the concepts that influence his decision making process when choosing an army.  He does stop there though as he goes back in for a second helping by dissecting majority of the armies in 40k.

Soup #2 - Miniature Tim: What Comes First, the List or the Models?
Miniature Tim is no stranger to wearing his Sunday best and this time around he proposes the intriguing question of "what comes first, the list or the models?  I know I have faced this question every time I start building a new army and constantly struggle with picking an answer to this age old question.  Tim cuts away the cellophane and breaks the boxes down for both sides of this debate.

Soup #3 - Quarantine World: "From your wounds,  the festers pour"
Ian may or may not pick his nose but he has picked building a list first when it comes to starting a new army.  Think of Ian as a high an architect though as he simply does not build a list but the blue print to one.  He shows you how each unit supports the weight of the army as a whole while explaining the each line in his army list to us.

In the end I have gather several cans of soup, a nose picker, a box destroyer and an architect.  These four ingredients along with a chainsaw and a shotgun add up to the weirdest "Sunday Best" and question my own sanity behind this madness.  What I do understand is that each of these blog authors caught my attention with their words as they each went over the finer points of building an army.  With the knowledge that I have garnered from each of them, I feel confident that I possess the necessary skills to defeat an Army of Darkness.


  1. HOTpanda, you once again have my thanks for treating me to the Sunday Best :)

  2. Not a problem to the both of you. Both of your posts were well written thought out and stood above the crowd. Thanks for sharing and for stopping on by. Cheers.