Friday, October 21, 2011

2 HoP Idol: Round #4: Help a Panda

International save bears day may not be for another four months but it is round four of the House of Paincakes Idol Contest.  With Giant Hotpanda's being listed as a critically endangered species, efforts are underway to save the HOTpanda from elimination.  The Chaos Manifesto proudly promotes HOTpanda conservation and supports other organization working to save the species.   One such organization is Robots against Donuts (RaD) who's goal is to reclaim back the jungles, that the HOTpanda calls home, from the evasive species known as Giant Donut.  You may not be a robot on a jungle trek, rounding up Giant Donuts but now is your chance to help save a bear, a Hotpanda bear that is, by visiting the House of Paincakes and voting for me.(HOTPanda).  While you are there be sure to check out my article on "The Art Termicide".
Robots Against Donuts (RaD)


  1. When do I get my sticker that says I voted? :D

  2. I thought your moustache was a sticker? Thanks for voting.