Monday, September 26, 2011

0 Sunday Best #13: Rules

We all know that catch phrase, the most interesting man in the world. If not, you have been caught in a warp storm, or you have not seen any of the Dos Equis commercials.  Dos Equis has created a succesful marketing campaign that gets the attention of its market through humerus catch phrases and the creation of super hero.  With catch phrases like "when he slaps you in the face you have to resist saying thank you" and "sharks have a week dedicated to him", Dos Equis one liners are never short to impress. The point of these ads were to get people talking about their product and Warhammer 40k players could learn a lesson or two from them.  One of our biggest short falls as players is remembering all the rules and applying them correctly.  Everyone two months or so we are hit with a new codex that adds a lemon twist to favourite (drinking) game.  One can hardly blame a player for forgetting a rule or how one interacts with the new kid on the block.  This week's Sunday Best are dedicated to those who helped bring the rules of favourite game to the forefront.

Rule #1 - Inquisitor Lord Aki: Ruling the Rules
Inquisitor Lord Aki breaks into Sunday Best for the second week in a row with this weeks instalment of "Better Gaming" focusing in on knowing the rules.  He makes a bold statement, just like the Dos Equis, by telling us that "those who know the rules the best has better chance of winning. Those who can convince their opponent how to interpret the rules will win".  From here he not only explains this concept but goes into details on how players manipulate the rules to their advantage.  Being the worldly man that he is he goes over how to avoid this situation by being the better man, the Dos Equis Man some would say.

Rule #2 - Faeit 212: Rules of Our Game
Natfka is the most interesting man in the world as he set forth on a grand expedition that will challenge his readers to know and understand the rules better than they ever have before.  He walks the line between RAW and RAI like a tight rope walker in his Sunday Best by guiding us along a rule conflicts that can arise when Dark Eldar clash with Grey Knights.  More specifically when Urien Rakarth and Castellan Crowe go head to head in a drinking competition to the death.  When the dust settled on this post his readers may have been split on his interpretation but he definitely got them thinking about the rules like a true gentleman.

Rule #3 - 2 Cents on 40k: Tournaments and Painting
Inquisitor Dunn may not challenge the big rule book directly but he does use it as beer coaster as he takes a stance on tournaments and their rules on painting requirements.  With 'Ard Boyz fresh in our heads Inquisitor Dunn talks a dangerous but intriguing game about how painting is not only part of our hobby but something that ever tournament organizer should take seriously.  For him if your army is painting in some sort of fashion whether its a Golden Daemon quality or looks like you puked on it at least you made an effort.  This effort is just as important as the big rule book as it adds a level of detail that only the Dos Equis could replicate.

These three man are worthy of hanging out with the most interesting man in the world and could easily hold their own drinking Dos Equis with him.  They have challenge us, informed us and got us thinking about the rules of Warhammer 40k.  We might not all be the most interesting man in the world but if we each dedicated a small portion of week to reading up on the rules we would all contribute to a better gaming environment.

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