Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Sunday Best #12: The Thinker

Perched above the Gate of Hell one can find The Thinker.  He ponders the sin of man as the infernos of hell swirl out of control around him.  Much like Auguste Rodin peice The Gates of Hell the Warhammer 40k online community is a kin to Dante's Inferno.  Plague by the nine Circles of Hell the online community is a constant distraction of limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, violence, fraud and treachery.  Amongst the midst of these sins are a few of our very own Thinkers.  Bloggers who contemplate the various aspects of our hobby with an analytical approach that lodges them above the Gates of Hell as they ponder in solitude.

Thinker #1 - 122nd Cadian: Fact or Fiction: Belial
The post itself appears to be in the depths of Hell itself due to lack of proper paragraph structure and spacing.  Amongst the various sentences is a deep thought process that delves into the background of Beliel.  Alex "FortheLion"'s first segment in a series where he analysis the various Warhammer 40k personas and compares them to their real life counter parts.   With Beliel being the 4 Prince of Hell it seems almost fitting that he finds way into this weeks "Sunday Best".

Thinker #2 - Inquisitor Lord Aki: Better Gaming Part 1
Inquisitor Lord Aki is no stranger to the Daemons of Hell and he can be found pondering how we as players play Warhammer 40k itself.  In his opening paragraph he cites the various debaucheries that plague the tournament scene and declares that "we are our worst enemy when it comes to recruiting new players".  He sent forth into a deep thought process that attempts to the gaming community with a guide to "Better Gaming"

Thinker #3 - A Gentleman's Ones: Top Ten Models...According to Me
Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones presents to us his top four number model according to him.  This entire series examines the various models that have made their way into his mind's "top ten"  and includes an illuminating explanation of how/why he believe these models merit the accolade.  This past weeks instalment probes into the dark recess of his mind as he explains he adoration for Games Workshops Venerable Dreadnought.

Each of these thinker lives alone in the circles of Dante's inferno.  Each of them sharing their thoughts on the various sins of our hobby.  Each part of series of ideas that they examine with an analytically process that attempts to shed away the fur of satan himself.  Their thoughts delve deep into the flames of hell exposing to us a phoenix that is about to rise.


  1. Cheers for the mention mate but the post was written by Alex "ForTheLion" and not me so the credit is his.

  2. Thanks for the link! I hope you enjoy the series.

  3. @ The Antipope - edited my post for where credit was due thanks for the heads up. Really enjoyed the post and cannot wait for his second installment.

    @ Inquisitor Lord Aki - If the rest of the series are anything like the first then I am sure I will enjoy the series. Cheers and thanks.

  4. Cheers, glad you liked it. It's shaping up to be a series of articles of epic proportions!

  5. Too kind, my good man. Too kind by far. Glad to hear that you've enjoyed the series and hope the final three continue in the same vein.