Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Sunday Best #11: Insight

"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding".  Marshall McLuhan a Canadian philosopher futurist, and communications theorist said this in his book the Gutenburg Galaxy.  Here he he analyzes the effects of mass media, especially the printing press, on European culture and human consciousness.  Each of this weeks "Sunday Best" analyzes recent trends that are effecting the hobby culture and the world of Games Workshop.  Each walk the line that separates insight from point of view as they attempt to present us with an unbiassed perspective on the topics that they are presenting to us the readers.

Trend #1 - Table Top War: Unintentional Comp - Tournament Time Limits
Magilla Gurilla has noted a recent trend that tournament organizers are unintentional slipping into their tournament formats.  It may not be your traditional composition scoring or hard capping of units but rather the limiting of game time while increasing the point limit of the game.  He provides us with insight into the various outcomes of such a device and how it is effecting Warhammer 40k players.

Trend #2 - Jungles of Lustria: Unit Fillers
IggyKoopa30 might have posted this in mid August and I may have missed this great post but thanks to the House of Paincakes it has found its way in this weeks Sunday Best.  IggyKoopa30 has fully embraced the recent trend in Warhammer Fantasy of using unit fillers to bulk out your units.  He provides us with a detailed analysis into the various methods that can be used when creating a unit filler. While he may have crossed the line of insight and dangerously provided us with a point of view his post still provides us with a perspective into this recent trend.

Trend #3 - The Dark Templar: Guide to Malifaux
The Dark Templar may not provide us with a direct trend with his guide to Malifaux but within it he notes several trends with in the game itself.  His lays out the basic foundations to the Malifaux Galaxy while staying impartial to the world itself.  It's a refreshing insight into a Games Workshop alternative gaming system that is chalked full of link and resources.  As he explains the gaming system he notes the various types of players and why they are drawn to this emerging table top game.

As you stumble your way through your blogging week take the time to smell the roses around you.  Within the garden of table top gaming a myriad of trends are sprouting up on a daily basis.  Perhaps in a future Sunday Best it will be you that is providing the insight.  Till then keep on blogging.


  1. Great post as always panda – thanks for the kind words and link.

  2. no problem it was my pleasure as I really enjoyed the insight you provided into Malifaux. With my gaming coming to a grind I may slide in and try painting some of the Malifaux models as they are gorgous.

  3. Hey Panda, thanks for the link and the shout-out.

  4. Really enjoyed the insight you gave us on Time Limits acting as a comp. I'm greatly sadden to see horde based armies being forgotten about. I feel that with more and more power armour based armies and a heavy mechanized feel to the game hordes have the ability to change the meta drastically. Sigh...

  5. Yo, thanks for the shout out. I'll be checking updates from your blog on the regular. Thanks again.