Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Sunday Best #10: Subjectivity

"The young ones make great pets. Just make sure you get rid of them before they mature. Believe me, the last thing you want is a human teenager running around your house." 
Limbo - Planet of the Apes

As you read the first two lines of this post the majority of you were thinking that Limbo was talking about apes instead of humans.  Why is this though?  Our experience in life have lead us to discern that humans are not pets nor will they ever be pets.  Combine this line of thought with the picture of a chimpanzee above the quote and you immediately draw the connection that the word pet must refer to the word ape.  In the end the majority of our life experience subjectively told us that apes could make great pet.  This weeks Sunday best subjectively exam one of two subjects; composition and the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex.  

Pet 1/ The Plague Spreads: Comp and Swiss
Plague Marine subjectively explores the idea of using composition scores to group like minded players in a tournament will result in an increase in enjoyment.  His thought process is that if those who take a non optimized list with fun theme you will be paired up with list of the same kin. Where those who come with optimized list to punch all competitors in the face will get the same treatment from their opponents.  A dog eat dog world one could say. An interesting perspective that aims at encouraging all types of players to take what they want to tournaments with the hope of everyone having a good time.  

Pet 2/ The Fields of Blood: The Case for Hard Caps
For Mr. Dunn a soft composition is not enough as his perspective is one that wants to impose hard caps on army list.  Subjectivity has led him to this conclusion as he feel that in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Games Workshop has created an imbalanced gaming environment.  If one were to use hard caps though one could balance the playing field and thus give everyone an equal shot at winning.  To fully develop this idea though one would have to subjectively decided what needs balancing in the first place.  This is one hell of task but a great read none the less.  Just make sure you don't delve too deep down the rabbit hole on this one.
Pet 3/ Fabricator of Exile: In Defence of the Sisters
The recent White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex has been under hard scrutiny by the Warhammer 40k community.  Negative comments swirl around this codex as many have subjectively decided that this codex is without its' own merits.  Abakus however attempts to strip away his own subjectivity on the codex and tries to approach it from an objective point of view.  He makes several strong cases on how the internet community has been lead astray and shines the light on what the codex is actually offering.  

Each of these Pets have run rampant through their blogs and have put forth several great arguments on something they each feel passionate about.  As you read these three blogs try to keep an open mind before you let your own experiences pass judgement on the words they have written.  “To believe without evidence is dishonest-it is better to honestly doubt than to dishonestly affirm” -Robert Ingersoll