Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 Nurgle the Unwanted House Guest

Two weeks ago Big Pappa Nurgle decided it was time to pay me and my brand new house a visit.  By that I mean he sent the Ghoulies my way.  We all know that any fiend of Nurgle is going to leave a path of decay and rot in their wake.  Unfortunately for me they decided to go the subtle route for maximum carnage and destruction; they caused a sewage backup.  As the pressure built up the seal on my toilet began to give way to the force that was being exerted against it.  Once the seal was broke the raw sewage water began to leak onto the hardwood floors.  Seeping its way in between the crakes of the hardwood the water worked it way through the various rooms on my main floor.  Dry wall, studs, cabinets and baseboards become soaked in the Ghoulies foul drool.  Despite my efforts in stopping the leaking toilet the damage was done.  It took two days for mould to start growing.  It took three days for the stink to turn my nose.  It's going to take a month for my place to be cleaned, renovated and restored to its' former glory.  As such my hobby room has all but disappeared under the clutter of my house as it is now a storage room for all my belongings.  I ask those that frequent this blog to bare with me in this crappy time.  I will still be posting but it might erratic at time and or less frequent in the weeks to come. I have began to schedule some Friday Flashbacks and will still be producing my Sunday Best series.  In between is where I hope to use my House of Paincakes submissions to fill the cracks.  I am also working on a follow up article to my highly anticipated Kool-Aid Man vs Games Workshop article.  Stay true and stay tuned.


  1. OH NO!! Terribly sorry to hear about all the crap you've been through lately, I hope you're able to quickly get things back in order. I've found that the best thing for dealing with Ghoulies is promethium and lots of it. Good luck, HOTpanda!

  2. suppose to move back in with in the next two weeks. Once that happens then its hobby time in full swing. Woot Woot!!!