Friday, September 23, 2011

4 Interview with a HotPANDA

What is a HOTPanda - A rare bearlike mammal (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) of the mountains of China and Tibet, having woolly fur with distinctive black and white markings.  Also called giant panda, panda bear...Wait a minute that doesn't sound right...A HotPanda is by definition a rare blogger that dwells predominately in the forty first millennium.  It has a silly demeanor, with distinctive hate for DONUTs and a love for ROBOTS.  Today I am going to take you behind the mask that you all know as HotPanda and examining the inner working of a man long lost to the warp storms of Warhammer 40k.

HOTPanda - First off what's the deal with the your blogging name?  Is there a story behind the name or  are you just one of those weird stuff animal loving furries?

HotPANDA - On past forums and even just emails address I've always picked an animal to represent myself.  I've been a rhino, a gorilla, a hyena and now it's a panda. The name Panda though wouldn't catch people's attention on its own though.  It needed something that sparked one imagination, one that made people remember me by. By adding HOT to Panda it makes it fun to say and makes you think what is wrong with me.

HOTPanda - Any relation to the Sexual Harassment Panda???

HotPANDA - No comment....

HOTPanda - I have to cut straight to the point on this one but I have noticed in several of your blog posts at The Chaos Manifesto a strong inclination towards robots and donuts... is this another sick addiction that we should know about?

HotPANDA- Shhhh did you hear that....I think there might be a DONUT in our vicinity. Never know when they are going to appear I tell ya!!! Hahaha!!! A couple years ago I stumbled across an artist by the name of Eric Joyner.  You could say that he is akin to being my bondsman, the man who instilled my hatred for DONUTS and the man who hired me to kill as many of them as I can.  The short simple answer is that Eric Joyner is a painter that documents the love hate relationship between robot and donut through his art work.  His work has captured my imagination and taken my mind to places that would make a grown man cry.   On a side note I also went to school for Robotics and Automation before I became a DONUT Hunter.

HOTPanda - Rumour has it that you are in the Canadian Military as a trench digging grunt???

HotPANDA - That's my current job as the DONUTS have struck an alliance with the TALIBAN.  I simple go where the DONUTS are.  Thirteen years ago though I was enrolled in college for  Robotics and Automation as I previously eluded to.  I graduated with honours but the day I graduated was the day the Military called me and offered me a job as a DONUT hating grunt.

HOTPanda - So you threw your college education down the drain to fight for your country?

HotPANDA - Not only did I through out my education but I took a substantial drop in my income.  I make good money these days in the army but its easily half of what I could of made as a Robotics and Automation Technologist.  The biggest thing I learned in college is that money is the root of all evil and that money does not directly correlate to happiness. The army offered me the happiness that I was looking for.

HOTPanda - Being in the Army must means you must have traveled to a few places in the world.  Care to tell us where you have you have been?

HotPANDA - First off I'm hooked on traveling and its one of my greatest passions in life.  The army has allowed me to visit and live in almost all the Provinces/Territories in Canada while taking me abroad as well.  I'm been to Morocco, Egypt (twice), Afghanistan (twice), Greece, Cyprus, and the UAE. Oh and lets no forget two trips to DISNEY WORLD and countless excursions into the USA.

HOTPanda - Whoa!!! Those are some exotic locations. What's next on your list of destinations?

HotPANDA - I had my heart set on Vietnam this past year but due to logistic complications I fear that Vietnam is not on the agenda.  As such I will be heading back to Morocco this December and will also be stopping in the UK to make the pilgrimage to Warhammer World.

HOTPanda - WARHAMMER WORLD Snap!!!  Dang, thats going to be exciting as hell.  Do you plan on getting any games in while you are there?

HotPANDA - Hell ya it's going to be a great time and without a doubt I will be bringing one of my armies with me so that I can get some games in.  A couple of mine over there and who have been kind enough to reserve a couple tables for us.  I have taken their advice and plan to have Forge World set some items aside for me and I will be looking at scoring a tour of the studios themselves.

HOTPanda - Well since we are on the topic of 40k now what armies do you play?

HotPANDA - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) more specifically Nurgle CSM.  I'm 100% devoted to the Gods of Chaos but have a special rotten place for Pappa Nurgle.  He has repaid me back by helping me develop a strong love for both conversions and theming.  Over the summer I fully built and painted a 2000 point Renegade Space Wolves/Khorne army.  The army is filled with countless minor conversions that are hard to spot but if you look closely you will that each model has an unique head thus making each of them an individual.  I am now working on expanding the army with a CSM version.  The Wolves represent the Renegades shortly after turning to the Blood God and the CSM is where they end up after hundreds of years in the warp.  In the end I will 5000 points worth of models that I can use for both CSM and Space Wolves.

HOTPanda - Whoa didn't know I was talking to a Xenos Loving Heretic. Hahaha!!! In terms of converting and modeling what exactly pulls you to that aspect of the hobby?

HotPANDA - Easy there big guy remember who you are talking to here....Modeling, specifically converting has to be my favorite thing to do in the hobby.  I am especially into heavy kit-bashing and when ever I get the chance I jump all over it.  I like looking at what model is suppose to look like and then seeing what I can turn it into.  It's the ability create something unique in the end that I strive for. When I put my army on the table I want my opponent to mesmerized by it.  I want him/her to ask me questions about it.  In the end each of my armies has to have a theme that is illustrated through extensive kit-bashing and converting. With out that I quickly lose interest in an army. My Orks died a slow death despite growing to an staggering 5000 points strong army as they were lacking a theme.

HOTPanda - What was your motivating force behind your blog The Chaos Manifesto?

HotPANDA - I fell in love with blogging two years ago when my interest in participating in the various 40k forums began to wain.  Blogging is essentially a home for those of us who want to set our own terms and not have to deal with the over the top personalities that plague the forums.  With my deep love for the Chaos it was easy for me to focus in on a blog that would be dedicated to pushing an agenda that features the four Gods of Chaos.

HOTPanda - Nurgle check, Khorne check, but where is Tzneetch and Slaneesh?  Any plans for armies that will show case their personalities?

HotPANDA - Right now money is tight but once things settle down I would like to create a Sisters of Slaneesh army and a Knight's of Tzneetch to boot.  Not true Chaos armies but two armies that are primed and ready to be taken advantage of.

HOTPanda - Other than 40k what else tickles your fancy and calls you Nancy?

HotPANDA - Warhammer Fantasy has been tickling me of late and I am currently toying with the idea of a Skaven or Ogre Army.  I dabble in Magic from time to time as I love their drafting format whether it's sealed or limited.  Outside of gaming I love to run, ride my hybrid bicycle, photography, travel as we already talked about, snowboard, video games, art, kill DONUTS, make ROBOTS and spending time with my wife and our two dogs.

HOTPanda - If you could say anything at all to any of your readers whether its advice a joke, or statement what would it be?

HotPANDA - I was recently told by a friend that "It has been said that if you give a man a mask he will show you who he really is"... blogs and forums are a means to giving people a mask."

HOTPanda - Is their a difference between the man behind your mask and the mask itself?

HotPANDA -  I live in a dog eat dog environment.  Everyone is constantly jockey for an Alpha Male position.  As such I have throw up my walls, thicken my skin and keep my tongue pose to strike at all times.  Here on the blog-o-sphere I tear those walls down, shed my skin like a snake and lax my tounge.  This is how I am at home as well.  Essentially a big giant relaxed PANDA. At times this bites me in the behind as I tend to let my emotions guide me at times.  However this is the who the HOTPANDA is and I don't see that changing as their is nothing wrong with wearing your heart on sleeve.

HOTPanda - Before I let you go is there anything else you would like to say?

HotPANDA - in the infamous words of Boxer Santaros (from Southland Tales) "I'm a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide".


  1. Awesomesauce!!! I read this while eating a donut too! How ironic.

  2. I did this for the HoP Idol contest and decided to post mine up as I might be auto disqualified since I was suppose to interview Dethtron and not myself. Gotta roll the dice some time.

    What kinda of donut were you eating?

  3. I really have no reason to keep calling you HOTpants now. HoTpAnDa, I enjoyed this interview a lot!

  4. @ REDscorps - Glad you enjoyed listening to the two panda in my head duel it out with their verbal nous. I hope it's enough to make it on to the next round of the HoP Idol contest.