Friday, September 2, 2011

9 HoP Idol: Round #2

"Don't screw around with me, Maverick. You're one hell of an instinctive pilot. Maybe too good. I'd like to bust your butt but I can't. I got another problem here. I gotta send somebody from this squadron to Miramar. I gotta do something here, I still can't believe it. I gotta give you your dream shot! I'm gonna send you up against the best. You...are going to Top Gun. For five weeks, you'll be flying against the best fighter pilots in the world. You were number two, [Citizen Williams] was number one. [Citizen Williams] lost it-turned in his wings. You...are number one. But you remember one thing: if you screw up just this much, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog [crap] out of Hong Kong!"

With all the other pilots in the HoP Idol Contest choosing to play it safe by writing a tutorial it became clear that I was going to be the Maverick. Breaking away from the squadron I chose to defend the Chaos Space Marine Codex by "Unlocking the Chaos Gene".  To advocate an underdog [codex] in the universe of Warhammer 40k is akin to conducting a fly by without permission.  Hopefully this bold manoeuvre will send me soaring above the rest of the class in this week voting results.  If you don't want me to lose "that lovin' feeling" head on down to the House of Paincakes and vote for me HOTPanda.  


  1. Playing it safe!!! You cheeky Barsteward!!! That was the first painting tutorial I'd ever written you sod, and I did it all in under 32 hours ish with plenty of down time for other things. lol.

    Could be argued you played it safe by going the wordy route rather than choosing to stick your hobbying credentials on the line. :P

    Again though all round thought everyone did a good job. I was worried after seeing everyone else had stuck pretty much with 40k (Von excluded of course) and I was off in my own little world again. Plus my article was HUGE compared to the others so I thought that might knock me back a bit, but so far its not been too bad. Good luck with it Panda.

  2. Boo hiss that's the last time I vote for you Panda!!! :P

    How did you find it this week? Also how's your Haiku coming along? I'm getting peeps to vote on mine. Hope you make it through to next week.

  3. LOL, dam this post makes me want to watch Top Gun, especially the Beach Volley Ball scene. LOL.

    Week 2 was a nice mix in terms of the tutorials that we saw. We had one on how to build a display board, a highly detailed tutorial that included weathering and even a homemade servo arm. Each different in its' own rights and each garnishing various techniques. This left me standing in the cold with my defence of an underdog. Everyone put forth a great article and the polls are showing that as they are extremely tight.

    I did a lot research this morning into traditional Japanese Haikus to ensure that I grasp what the great Bashō's was able to convey in his works. From there I began detailed study on the gods of Chaos and their hatred for the corpse god. As I pluck the various stars of light out from the text in front of me I have made various notes and even wrote several Haikus. In the end I am not sure if I can choose which one I should submit. Due to this had mirrored your thought on holding a vote here on which one will make its presence heard at the House of Paincakes.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with and it appears that once again you are going to come out on top of the class. Once again I am in a dog fight for my survival and part of me hopes that I nailed the first immunity challenge.

  4. Yeah I'd forgotten about the immunity Panda... hmm, I think I'll be disqualified for my article deliberately going over the limit, so I guess it good people are voting for me!!! Yep you're right as well, yet again the voting is very tight and although I'm currently out in front I'm by no means safe. This time during the last voting I actually had 85% of the vote and a 25 vote lead over the next guy!!! That's so not the case this week at all. Once again though I think everyone can hold their heads up high.

  5. Hey you've opened up a bit of a gap to the drop zone and you're now closing a bit on me!!! Boo hiss. lol. Looks like it could be a 3 way scrap between Inquisitor_Dunn, Lantz and The Other Guy this week and then of course we have the immunity issue... are you getting tense yet?

  6. With my Quick Fire Challenge I forced to cut away some of the diminutive nuances that my Ninja Tau list had in it. My original write up was almost 1000 words. I was gutted when I saw the number on my word counter as it meant that I would not be able to fully explain how the army list works. In the end I had to cut out explanations for the various upgrades that each unit had and how they interact with the rest of the army. I feel that I was able to put forth a satisfactory overview on what the army seeks to achieve within the 250 word limit. My only concern in this competition is what the readers are looking for in post? Specifically what game systems do they play and what armies within it? If we had this knowledge we would be able to reach out to the bulk of those that are voting with topics that they are interested in. I wish more people in the blogging community would provide feed back via comments but sadly we live in a repression internet society of mutes.

  7. To be honest Panda I come at it from a different point of view. I write what I want to talk about and try and make it accessible. I think blogs have their readers find them rather than them finding their readers if you know what I mean... although now I'm not too sure I do. lol.

    For me I took the opportunity to post something useful about Infinity for people who might be thinking about taking the plunge in that great little gaming system. I just hoped that my article would be good enough to get me through without needing the immunity. Could go right down to the wire if its a draw and only 1 person has the immunity... what a climax!!!

  8. Panda I do believe that congratulations are in order. I can't see you dropping out now with the amount of votes amassed.