Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Haiku 40k (Vote Now)

galaxy of old...
starship leaps into the warp
roaring engines sound

The above is a Haiku that I wrote after receiving next weeks Quick Fire Challenge (Immunity) for the House of Paincakes (HoP) Idol Contest.  A Haiku is a traditional Japanese verse that consists of 17 syllables and three phrases of five, seven and five respectively.  The essence of haiku is the cutting sound that any of the three phrases may end with.  A seasonal reference, in the form of Japanese cultural reference, are drawn from the natural world often but are not definitive in nature.

Part of the Immunity Challenge for round three requires that I write a Haiku set around my favourite army/race.  I immediately set about researching the various tombs of Choas.  Two hours later I had eight Haikus laid out before.  Six of them were garnished from pre established background that Games Workshop or the Black Library Authors had written.  The other two incarnation of my own merit.  Of note though is the one above as it is a twist of the famous Japanese Master,  Bashō's, Haiku "Old Pond":

old pond…
a frog leaps in
water’s sound

Mine may mimic one of the best Haikus ever written but I do not feel it is the best one that I wrote.  I was able to narrow the eight I wrote down to five but I cannot pick which one leaped the highest.  This is where you the readers can help me by voting (top right corner of the blog) for which Haiku you think I should use.

1/ The Wound

bloodthirster drinking,
from the wound that never heals
worm eye bleeds in dark

+++ Crull, Warlord of the World Eaters+++

2/ For the Emperor

murdering thousands
emperor giving silence
his lapdogs yapping

+++Svane Vulfbad+++

 3/ With Death

hatred has sustained,
tended to with bitterness
nurture it with death

+++Ferrous Ironclaw of the Iron Warriors+++

4/ Refute

heretics refute
the emperor's holy right 
barrel of a gun...

+++The Sermons of HOTPanda, Vol. XVI, Ch. II+++

5/ Hatred

We fight the long war,
through a far purer purpose:
hatred for mankind

+++Ferrous Ironclaw of the Iron Warriors+++

I have to have my post submitted for Monday so with that in mind I will only be able to keep the polls open till 9:00pm Pacific Time.  Feel free to provide me with any feed back via comments and would love to see some Haikus of your own.


  1. I best not vote in case you think I'm sabotaging you!!! The Infinity forum has spoken and my Haiku has been chosen... God help me!!!

  2. Checked out your Haikus and I have to say that I really enjoyed the Islam one. I know nothing about Infinity but the contrast of religion and science seems to capture the cutting/breaking essence of a Haiku in a symbolic way.

    I wrote several other Haikus about Ogre in celebration for their new release today. I had a ton of fun playing around with the words and in the end I feel that I have captured the heart and soul of the Warhammer 40k in the Haiku's above.

  3. Yep I think the many of the Infinity gamers I know think I did the same with Infinity. Each one captures the essence of the various factions although the swines have left me with a dead heat between the Yu Jing and Combined Army ones... I think I'm going to have to go Combined army!!!