Friday, September 16, 2011

0 Flashback Friday #16: Renegade Canis

So there I was surfing the big waves down at internet point and I'd almost never made it back alive. Just finished catching a big Space Wolves sized wave when this monstrosity came lurking down the coast line. From the look on its face it was hunting for its' lunch.
I was thinking on using this model as a base for a Renegade Canis Wolfborn conversion. Fits the imagery that the Space Wolves codex perpetrates in the story about the Wolf of the Red Moon perfectly; a beast that never grows fat. Thoughts???  I personal feel that it would fit perfectly into the Khorne/Cannibal theme that my Renegade Space Wolves have going for them.  On the Chaos Space Marine side of things I could use this as a lord mounted on a stead which is one hell of rarity on the battlefield.

I managed to escape by waiting it out in the nearby lagoon.  During my time there as I waited on the beach I realized that this was pretty much my last Flashback Friday.  GASP first I was attacked by a decaying monstrosity and now this.  Not quiet sure what I will be doing with my Friday segment but I do have a couple of ideas lurking in the deep dark depths of my mind.  Time will tell though and within the next thirteen days I should be back in my house hobbying it up again.

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