Monday, September 26, 2011

0 Sunday Best #13: Rules

We all know that catch phrase, the most interesting man in the world. If not, you have been caught in a warp storm, or you have not seen any of the Dos Equis commercials.  Dos Equis has created a succesful marketing campaign that gets the attention of its market through humerus catch phrases and the creation of super hero.  With catch phrases like "when he slaps you in the face you have to resist saying thank you" and "sharks have a week dedicated to him", Dos Equis one liners are never short to impress. The point of these ads were to get people talking about their product and Warhammer 40k players could learn a lesson or two from them.  One of our biggest short falls as players is remembering all the rules and applying them correctly.  Everyone two months or so we are hit with a new codex that adds a lemon twist to favourite (drinking) game.  One can hardly blame a player for forgetting a rule or how one interacts with the new kid on the block.  This week's Sunday Best are dedicated to those who helped bring the rules of favourite game to the forefront.

Rule #1 - Inquisitor Lord Aki: Ruling the Rules
Inquisitor Lord Aki breaks into Sunday Best for the second week in a row with this weeks instalment of "Better Gaming" focusing in on knowing the rules.  He makes a bold statement, just like the Dos Equis, by telling us that "those who know the rules the best has better chance of winning. Those who can convince their opponent how to interpret the rules will win".  From here he not only explains this concept but goes into details on how players manipulate the rules to their advantage.  Being the worldly man that he is he goes over how to avoid this situation by being the better man, the Dos Equis Man some would say.

Rule #2 - Faeit 212: Rules of Our Game
Natfka is the most interesting man in the world as he set forth on a grand expedition that will challenge his readers to know and understand the rules better than they ever have before.  He walks the line between RAW and RAI like a tight rope walker in his Sunday Best by guiding us along a rule conflicts that can arise when Dark Eldar clash with Grey Knights.  More specifically when Urien Rakarth and Castellan Crowe go head to head in a drinking competition to the death.  When the dust settled on this post his readers may have been split on his interpretation but he definitely got them thinking about the rules like a true gentleman.

Rule #3 - 2 Cents on 40k: Tournaments and Painting
Inquisitor Dunn may not challenge the big rule book directly but he does use it as beer coaster as he takes a stance on tournaments and their rules on painting requirements.  With 'Ard Boyz fresh in our heads Inquisitor Dunn talks a dangerous but intriguing game about how painting is not only part of our hobby but something that ever tournament organizer should take seriously.  For him if your army is painting in some sort of fashion whether its a Golden Daemon quality or looks like you puked on it at least you made an effort.  This effort is just as important as the big rule book as it adds a level of detail that only the Dos Equis could replicate.

These three man are worthy of hanging out with the most interesting man in the world and could easily hold their own drinking Dos Equis with him.  They have challenge us, informed us and got us thinking about the rules of Warhammer 40k.  We might not all be the most interesting man in the world but if we each dedicated a small portion of week to reading up on the rules we would all contribute to a better gaming environment.

Friday, September 23, 2011

4 Interview with a HotPANDA

What is a HOTPanda - A rare bearlike mammal (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) of the mountains of China and Tibet, having woolly fur with distinctive black and white markings.  Also called giant panda, panda bear...Wait a minute that doesn't sound right...A HotPanda is by definition a rare blogger that dwells predominately in the forty first millennium.  It has a silly demeanor, with distinctive hate for DONUTs and a love for ROBOTS.  Today I am going to take you behind the mask that you all know as HotPanda and examining the inner working of a man long lost to the warp storms of Warhammer 40k.

HOTPanda - First off what's the deal with the your blogging name?  Is there a story behind the name or  are you just one of those weird stuff animal loving furries?

HotPANDA - On past forums and even just emails address I've always picked an animal to represent myself.  I've been a rhino, a gorilla, a hyena and now it's a panda. The name Panda though wouldn't catch people's attention on its own though.  It needed something that sparked one imagination, one that made people remember me by. By adding HOT to Panda it makes it fun to say and makes you think what is wrong with me.

HOTPanda - Any relation to the Sexual Harassment Panda???

HotPANDA - No comment....

HOTPanda - I have to cut straight to the point on this one but I have noticed in several of your blog posts at The Chaos Manifesto a strong inclination towards robots and donuts... is this another sick addiction that we should know about?

HotPANDA- Shhhh did you hear that....I think there might be a DONUT in our vicinity. Never know when they are going to appear I tell ya!!! Hahaha!!! A couple years ago I stumbled across an artist by the name of Eric Joyner.  You could say that he is akin to being my bondsman, the man who instilled my hatred for DONUTS and the man who hired me to kill as many of them as I can.  The short simple answer is that Eric Joyner is a painter that documents the love hate relationship between robot and donut through his art work.  His work has captured my imagination and taken my mind to places that would make a grown man cry.   On a side note I also went to school for Robotics and Automation before I became a DONUT Hunter.

HOTPanda - Rumour has it that you are in the Canadian Military as a trench digging grunt???

HotPANDA - That's my current job as the DONUTS have struck an alliance with the TALIBAN.  I simple go where the DONUTS are.  Thirteen years ago though I was enrolled in college for  Robotics and Automation as I previously eluded to.  I graduated with honours but the day I graduated was the day the Military called me and offered me a job as a DONUT hating grunt.

HOTPanda - So you threw your college education down the drain to fight for your country?

HotPANDA - Not only did I through out my education but I took a substantial drop in my income.  I make good money these days in the army but its easily half of what I could of made as a Robotics and Automation Technologist.  The biggest thing I learned in college is that money is the root of all evil and that money does not directly correlate to happiness. The army offered me the happiness that I was looking for.

HOTPanda - Being in the Army must means you must have traveled to a few places in the world.  Care to tell us where you have you have been?

HotPANDA - First off I'm hooked on traveling and its one of my greatest passions in life.  The army has allowed me to visit and live in almost all the Provinces/Territories in Canada while taking me abroad as well.  I'm been to Morocco, Egypt (twice), Afghanistan (twice), Greece, Cyprus, and the UAE. Oh and lets no forget two trips to DISNEY WORLD and countless excursions into the USA.

HOTPanda - Whoa!!! Those are some exotic locations. What's next on your list of destinations?

HotPANDA - I had my heart set on Vietnam this past year but due to logistic complications I fear that Vietnam is not on the agenda.  As such I will be heading back to Morocco this December and will also be stopping in the UK to make the pilgrimage to Warhammer World.

HOTPanda - WARHAMMER WORLD Snap!!!  Dang, thats going to be exciting as hell.  Do you plan on getting any games in while you are there?

HotPANDA - Hell ya it's going to be a great time and without a doubt I will be bringing one of my armies with me so that I can get some games in.  A couple of mine over there and who have been kind enough to reserve a couple tables for us.  I have taken their advice and plan to have Forge World set some items aside for me and I will be looking at scoring a tour of the studios themselves.

HOTPanda - Well since we are on the topic of 40k now what armies do you play?

HotPANDA - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) more specifically Nurgle CSM.  I'm 100% devoted to the Gods of Chaos but have a special rotten place for Pappa Nurgle.  He has repaid me back by helping me develop a strong love for both conversions and theming.  Over the summer I fully built and painted a 2000 point Renegade Space Wolves/Khorne army.  The army is filled with countless minor conversions that are hard to spot but if you look closely you will that each model has an unique head thus making each of them an individual.  I am now working on expanding the army with a CSM version.  The Wolves represent the Renegades shortly after turning to the Blood God and the CSM is where they end up after hundreds of years in the warp.  In the end I will 5000 points worth of models that I can use for both CSM and Space Wolves.

HOTPanda - Whoa didn't know I was talking to a Xenos Loving Heretic. Hahaha!!! In terms of converting and modeling what exactly pulls you to that aspect of the hobby?

HotPANDA - Easy there big guy remember who you are talking to here....Modeling, specifically converting has to be my favorite thing to do in the hobby.  I am especially into heavy kit-bashing and when ever I get the chance I jump all over it.  I like looking at what model is suppose to look like and then seeing what I can turn it into.  It's the ability create something unique in the end that I strive for. When I put my army on the table I want my opponent to mesmerized by it.  I want him/her to ask me questions about it.  In the end each of my armies has to have a theme that is illustrated through extensive kit-bashing and converting. With out that I quickly lose interest in an army. My Orks died a slow death despite growing to an staggering 5000 points strong army as they were lacking a theme.

HOTPanda - What was your motivating force behind your blog The Chaos Manifesto?

HotPANDA - I fell in love with blogging two years ago when my interest in participating in the various 40k forums began to wain.  Blogging is essentially a home for those of us who want to set our own terms and not have to deal with the over the top personalities that plague the forums.  With my deep love for the Chaos it was easy for me to focus in on a blog that would be dedicated to pushing an agenda that features the four Gods of Chaos.

HOTPanda - Nurgle check, Khorne check, but where is Tzneetch and Slaneesh?  Any plans for armies that will show case their personalities?

HotPANDA - Right now money is tight but once things settle down I would like to create a Sisters of Slaneesh army and a Knight's of Tzneetch to boot.  Not true Chaos armies but two armies that are primed and ready to be taken advantage of.

HOTPanda - Other than 40k what else tickles your fancy and calls you Nancy?

HotPANDA - Warhammer Fantasy has been tickling me of late and I am currently toying with the idea of a Skaven or Ogre Army.  I dabble in Magic from time to time as I love their drafting format whether it's sealed or limited.  Outside of gaming I love to run, ride my hybrid bicycle, photography, travel as we already talked about, snowboard, video games, art, kill DONUTS, make ROBOTS and spending time with my wife and our two dogs.

HOTPanda - If you could say anything at all to any of your readers whether its advice a joke, or statement what would it be?

HotPANDA - I was recently told by a friend that "It has been said that if you give a man a mask he will show you who he really is"... blogs and forums are a means to giving people a mask."

HOTPanda - Is their a difference between the man behind your mask and the mask itself?

HotPANDA -  I live in a dog eat dog environment.  Everyone is constantly jockey for an Alpha Male position.  As such I have throw up my walls, thicken my skin and keep my tongue pose to strike at all times.  Here on the blog-o-sphere I tear those walls down, shed my skin like a snake and lax my tounge.  This is how I am at home as well.  Essentially a big giant relaxed PANDA. At times this bites me in the behind as I tend to let my emotions guide me at times.  However this is the who the HOTPANDA is and I don't see that changing as their is nothing wrong with wearing your heart on sleeve.

HOTPanda - Before I let you go is there anything else you would like to say?

HotPANDA - in the infamous words of Boxer Santaros (from Southland Tales) "I'm a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Sunday Best #12: The Thinker

Perched above the Gate of Hell one can find The Thinker.  He ponders the sin of man as the infernos of hell swirl out of control around him.  Much like Auguste Rodin peice The Gates of Hell the Warhammer 40k online community is a kin to Dante's Inferno.  Plague by the nine Circles of Hell the online community is a constant distraction of limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, violence, fraud and treachery.  Amongst the midst of these sins are a few of our very own Thinkers.  Bloggers who contemplate the various aspects of our hobby with an analytical approach that lodges them above the Gates of Hell as they ponder in solitude.

Thinker #1 - 122nd Cadian: Fact or Fiction: Belial
The post itself appears to be in the depths of Hell itself due to lack of proper paragraph structure and spacing.  Amongst the various sentences is a deep thought process that delves into the background of Beliel.  Alex "FortheLion"'s first segment in a series where he analysis the various Warhammer 40k personas and compares them to their real life counter parts.   With Beliel being the 4 Prince of Hell it seems almost fitting that he finds way into this weeks "Sunday Best".

Thinker #2 - Inquisitor Lord Aki: Better Gaming Part 1
Inquisitor Lord Aki is no stranger to the Daemons of Hell and he can be found pondering how we as players play Warhammer 40k itself.  In his opening paragraph he cites the various debaucheries that plague the tournament scene and declares that "we are our worst enemy when it comes to recruiting new players".  He sent forth into a deep thought process that attempts to the gaming community with a guide to "Better Gaming"

Thinker #3 - A Gentleman's Ones: Top Ten Models...According to Me
Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones presents to us his top four number model according to him.  This entire series examines the various models that have made their way into his mind's "top ten"  and includes an illuminating explanation of how/why he believe these models merit the accolade.  This past weeks instalment probes into the dark recess of his mind as he explains he adoration for Games Workshops Venerable Dreadnought.

Each of these thinker lives alone in the circles of Dante's inferno.  Each of them sharing their thoughts on the various sins of our hobby.  Each part of series of ideas that they examine with an analytically process that attempts to shed away the fur of satan himself.  Their thoughts delve deep into the flames of hell exposing to us a phoenix that is about to rise.

Friday, September 16, 2011

0 Flashback Friday #16: Renegade Canis

So there I was surfing the big waves down at internet point and I'd almost never made it back alive. Just finished catching a big Space Wolves sized wave when this monstrosity came lurking down the coast line. From the look on its face it was hunting for its' lunch.
I was thinking on using this model as a base for a Renegade Canis Wolfborn conversion. Fits the imagery that the Space Wolves codex perpetrates in the story about the Wolf of the Red Moon perfectly; a beast that never grows fat. Thoughts???  I personal feel that it would fit perfectly into the Khorne/Cannibal theme that my Renegade Space Wolves have going for them.  On the Chaos Space Marine side of things I could use this as a lord mounted on a stead which is one hell of rarity on the battlefield.

I managed to escape by waiting it out in the nearby lagoon.  During my time there as I waited on the beach I realized that this was pretty much my last Flashback Friday.  GASP first I was attacked by a decaying monstrosity and now this.  Not quiet sure what I will be doing with my Friday segment but I do have a couple of ideas lurking in the deep dark depths of my mind.  Time will tell though and within the next thirteen days I should be back in my house hobbying it up again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 Model Mondays #9: Side Project Marbles

Not so much related to 40k but this side project did provided me with some painting motivation and lessons that could be applied to the hobby of 40k.  This is a MUNNY made by KIDROBOT and I saw it at the mall the one day and thought hmmm that would would be fun as hell to paint up.  I have been having a hard time painting large flat surface and needed a way to work on my painting technique.  These Vinyl Toys offer the perfect opportunity for that and on top it are an excellent way to practice your free hand. Here is the finished product that I came up with.

I'm very happy with the outcome seeing as it was my first time working with vinyl. I made some minor conversions such as drill out its right eyes and inserting a marble for its' eye, thus its name.  Painting vinyl (I used GW paints) was a nice change as it's extremely smooth and will show each and every brush stoke if your paint is not thinned out enough.  Overall I feel more confident in my ability to paint large flat surfaces.   Not only this but it also re-invigorated me at the time to paint some of my other models that have been laying around.  I have already bought a several other products by KIDROBOT and will be using them for practicing various techniques.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Sunday Best #11: Insight

"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding".  Marshall McLuhan a Canadian philosopher futurist, and communications theorist said this in his book the Gutenburg Galaxy.  Here he he analyzes the effects of mass media, especially the printing press, on European culture and human consciousness.  Each of this weeks "Sunday Best" analyzes recent trends that are effecting the hobby culture and the world of Games Workshop.  Each walk the line that separates insight from point of view as they attempt to present us with an unbiassed perspective on the topics that they are presenting to us the readers.

Trend #1 - Table Top War: Unintentional Comp - Tournament Time Limits
Magilla Gurilla has noted a recent trend that tournament organizers are unintentional slipping into their tournament formats.  It may not be your traditional composition scoring or hard capping of units but rather the limiting of game time while increasing the point limit of the game.  He provides us with insight into the various outcomes of such a device and how it is effecting Warhammer 40k players.

Trend #2 - Jungles of Lustria: Unit Fillers
IggyKoopa30 might have posted this in mid August and I may have missed this great post but thanks to the House of Paincakes it has found its way in this weeks Sunday Best.  IggyKoopa30 has fully embraced the recent trend in Warhammer Fantasy of using unit fillers to bulk out your units.  He provides us with a detailed analysis into the various methods that can be used when creating a unit filler. While he may have crossed the line of insight and dangerously provided us with a point of view his post still provides us with a perspective into this recent trend.

Trend #3 - The Dark Templar: Guide to Malifaux
The Dark Templar may not provide us with a direct trend with his guide to Malifaux but within it he notes several trends with in the game itself.  His lays out the basic foundations to the Malifaux Galaxy while staying impartial to the world itself.  It's a refreshing insight into a Games Workshop alternative gaming system that is chalked full of link and resources.  As he explains the gaming system he notes the various types of players and why they are drawn to this emerging table top game.

As you stumble your way through your blogging week take the time to smell the roses around you.  Within the garden of table top gaming a myriad of trends are sprouting up on a daily basis.  Perhaps in a future Sunday Best it will be you that is providing the insight.  Till then keep on blogging.

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Flashback Friday #15: Chosen CSM - The Forsaken

The Forsaken

"Our nerve ending fired once again...Burst of pain shot through our bodies...we withered around on the ground like maggots begging for his forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not what he granted us, rather a curse that binds us to him.  We only wish for death itself but it is not up to us when we will die but rather to him, The Father of Decay.  Condemned to a life of endless death and pain he brings us back from the dead only to suffer again.  Once we were his Chosen but now we are the Forsaken."

In terms of game play I use them in every single game regardless of the point limits and have never once regretted fielding them.  They are a force multiplier and this is how I field them every time they hit the table:

193 points = Chosen x 6: Plasma Guns x 5 and an Aspiring Champion with nothing.
Primary Role: Anti TEQ/MEQ
Secondary Role: Anti Armour, contest objectives and a entry point for my Greater Daemon.
Method of Entry: Outflank or if the terrain is suitable they can infiltrate.
Description: My local area is flooded with power armour armies and as such a lot of them include terminators. This unit is designed to assassinate terminators first and foremost. Seventy five percent of the time I outflank them with the intention of catching units near the table edge or in the open with ten plasma shots. Yes I may not get the side I want by through careful deployment I can pull my opponent to have units on both sides of the table. If there are no TEQ/MEQs in the open for them to shoot I then look for rear armour shots. Strength seven has a great chance at popping a vehicle that has an armour facing ten. This is magnified by the fact that I will have ten shots hitting that vehicle. If I do outflank them and my Greater Daemon arrives the same turn or before the Chosen hit the board the AC is just a extra wound for me to allocate to. One that does not kill off a plasma gun.  If they infiltrate or hit the table before the Greater Daemon their Aspiring Champion can be used as an entry point if needed. This unit also fairs well when dealing with horde armies due to the amount of shots they can put out. They may have all plasma guns but I feel that the plasma gun is the most flexible weapon they can take in terms of balanced shooting.  Units I have killed are: Rhinos, Devastators, Thunderfire Cannon and countless Terminators. I have yet to be disappointed with this units performance.

Here are some pictures of my Chosen Chaos Space Marines aka "The Forsaken".  They are 90% complete in these pictures with only minor elements left to paint and of course the basing. 

I left a blank shoulder pad on each of them just like my Greater Daemon so that I can paint on their squad symbol; the pictured featured at the top of this BLOG post.  The image itself pays homage to their former Loyalist Chapter from which they were forged from the Death Falcons.  At the same time the arrows form a broken Chaos star to represent their curse while the bleeding face shows their suffering.  I kit based them from Dark Angels, Possessed Chaos Space Marines and the face of one Fantasy Ghoul.  

Hope you all enjoyed and as always all comments and criticism are welcome.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 Nurgle the Unwanted House Guest

Two weeks ago Big Pappa Nurgle decided it was time to pay me and my brand new house a visit.  By that I mean he sent the Ghoulies my way.  We all know that any fiend of Nurgle is going to leave a path of decay and rot in their wake.  Unfortunately for me they decided to go the subtle route for maximum carnage and destruction; they caused a sewage backup.  As the pressure built up the seal on my toilet began to give way to the force that was being exerted against it.  Once the seal was broke the raw sewage water began to leak onto the hardwood floors.  Seeping its way in between the crakes of the hardwood the water worked it way through the various rooms on my main floor.  Dry wall, studs, cabinets and baseboards become soaked in the Ghoulies foul drool.  Despite my efforts in stopping the leaking toilet the damage was done.  It took two days for mould to start growing.  It took three days for the stink to turn my nose.  It's going to take a month for my place to be cleaned, renovated and restored to its' former glory.  As such my hobby room has all but disappeared under the clutter of my house as it is now a storage room for all my belongings.  I ask those that frequent this blog to bare with me in this crappy time.  I will still be posting but it might erratic at time and or less frequent in the weeks to come. I have began to schedule some Friday Flashbacks and will still be producing my Sunday Best series.  In between is where I hope to use my House of Paincakes submissions to fill the cracks.  I am also working on a follow up article to my highly anticipated Kool-Aid Man vs Games Workshop article.  Stay true and stay tuned.

Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Sunday Best #10: Subjectivity

"The young ones make great pets. Just make sure you get rid of them before they mature. Believe me, the last thing you want is a human teenager running around your house." 
Limbo - Planet of the Apes

As you read the first two lines of this post the majority of you were thinking that Limbo was talking about apes instead of humans.  Why is this though?  Our experience in life have lead us to discern that humans are not pets nor will they ever be pets.  Combine this line of thought with the picture of a chimpanzee above the quote and you immediately draw the connection that the word pet must refer to the word ape.  In the end the majority of our life experience subjectively told us that apes could make great pet.  This weeks Sunday best subjectively exam one of two subjects; composition and the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex.  

Pet 1/ The Plague Spreads: Comp and Swiss
Plague Marine subjectively explores the idea of using composition scores to group like minded players in a tournament will result in an increase in enjoyment.  His thought process is that if those who take a non optimized list with fun theme you will be paired up with list of the same kin. Where those who come with optimized list to punch all competitors in the face will get the same treatment from their opponents.  A dog eat dog world one could say. An interesting perspective that aims at encouraging all types of players to take what they want to tournaments with the hope of everyone having a good time.  

Pet 2/ The Fields of Blood: The Case for Hard Caps
For Mr. Dunn a soft composition is not enough as his perspective is one that wants to impose hard caps on army list.  Subjectivity has led him to this conclusion as he feel that in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Games Workshop has created an imbalanced gaming environment.  If one were to use hard caps though one could balance the playing field and thus give everyone an equal shot at winning.  To fully develop this idea though one would have to subjectively decided what needs balancing in the first place.  This is one hell of task but a great read none the less.  Just make sure you don't delve too deep down the rabbit hole on this one.
Pet 3/ Fabricator of Exile: In Defence of the Sisters
The recent White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex has been under hard scrutiny by the Warhammer 40k community.  Negative comments swirl around this codex as many have subjectively decided that this codex is without its' own merits.  Abakus however attempts to strip away his own subjectivity on the codex and tries to approach it from an objective point of view.  He makes several strong cases on how the internet community has been lead astray and shines the light on what the codex is actually offering.  

Each of these Pets have run rampant through their blogs and have put forth several great arguments on something they each feel passionate about.  As you read these three blogs try to keep an open mind before you let your own experiences pass judgement on the words they have written.  “To believe without evidence is dishonest-it is better to honestly doubt than to dishonestly affirm” -Robert Ingersoll

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Haiku 40k (Vote Now)

galaxy of old...
starship leaps into the warp
roaring engines sound

The above is a Haiku that I wrote after receiving next weeks Quick Fire Challenge (Immunity) for the House of Paincakes (HoP) Idol Contest.  A Haiku is a traditional Japanese verse that consists of 17 syllables and three phrases of five, seven and five respectively.  The essence of haiku is the cutting sound that any of the three phrases may end with.  A seasonal reference, in the form of Japanese cultural reference, are drawn from the natural world often but are not definitive in nature.

Part of the Immunity Challenge for round three requires that I write a Haiku set around my favourite army/race.  I immediately set about researching the various tombs of Choas.  Two hours later I had eight Haikus laid out before.  Six of them were garnished from pre established background that Games Workshop or the Black Library Authors had written.  The other two incarnation of my own merit.  Of note though is the one above as it is a twist of the famous Japanese Master,  Bashō's, Haiku "Old Pond":

old pond…
a frog leaps in
water’s sound

Mine may mimic one of the best Haikus ever written but I do not feel it is the best one that I wrote.  I was able to narrow the eight I wrote down to five but I cannot pick which one leaped the highest.  This is where you the readers can help me by voting (top right corner of the blog) for which Haiku you think I should use.

1/ The Wound

bloodthirster drinking,
from the wound that never heals
worm eye bleeds in dark

+++ Crull, Warlord of the World Eaters+++

2/ For the Emperor

murdering thousands
emperor giving silence
his lapdogs yapping

+++Svane Vulfbad+++

 3/ With Death

hatred has sustained,
tended to with bitterness
nurture it with death

+++Ferrous Ironclaw of the Iron Warriors+++

4/ Refute

heretics refute
the emperor's holy right 
barrel of a gun...

+++The Sermons of HOTPanda, Vol. XVI, Ch. II+++

5/ Hatred

We fight the long war,
through a far purer purpose:
hatred for mankind

+++Ferrous Ironclaw of the Iron Warriors+++

I have to have my post submitted for Monday so with that in mind I will only be able to keep the polls open till 9:00pm Pacific Time.  Feel free to provide me with any feed back via comments and would love to see some Haikus of your own.

Friday, September 2, 2011

9 HoP Idol: Round #2

"Don't screw around with me, Maverick. You're one hell of an instinctive pilot. Maybe too good. I'd like to bust your butt but I can't. I got another problem here. I gotta send somebody from this squadron to Miramar. I gotta do something here, I still can't believe it. I gotta give you your dream shot! I'm gonna send you up against the best. You...are going to Top Gun. For five weeks, you'll be flying against the best fighter pilots in the world. You were number two, [Citizen Williams] was number one. [Citizen Williams] lost it-turned in his wings. You...are number one. But you remember one thing: if you screw up just this much, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog [crap] out of Hong Kong!"

With all the other pilots in the HoP Idol Contest choosing to play it safe by writing a tutorial it became clear that I was going to be the Maverick. Breaking away from the squadron I chose to defend the Chaos Space Marine Codex by "Unlocking the Chaos Gene".  To advocate an underdog [codex] in the universe of Warhammer 40k is akin to conducting a fly by without permission.  Hopefully this bold manoeuvre will send me soaring above the rest of the class in this week voting results.  If you don't want me to lose "that lovin' feeling" head on down to the House of Paincakes and vote for me HOTPanda.