Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #17: Khorne Terminators

They are ruthless warriors who gorge on the blood and flesh of the fallen.  They are the nightmares that haunt the back waters of the Imperium.  They are eternal slaves to the Blood God that they pledge their allegiance to.  They are Chaos Terminators.  These Terminators comprise the Honour Guard for Chaos Lord Megeddagik.  Without him the would they would second class members of The Ravenous.  By lending him their numbers and their formidable Terminator armour the rest of pack must respect his word and power.  With him they sit at the top of pack.  As such they receive the first kill and always eat the flesh of fallen first.  If it were not for these privileges Megeddagik's Terminators, his Honour Guard would kill him in a heart beat.
When it came to modelling the Terminators I knew instantly that I wanted to use all the helmets that had tusk in them.  The animalistic nature of these helmets was perfect for tying them in to the background and fluff of The Ravenous.  I pushed this approach further by giving them trophies of their fallen.  I personally do not care for these bits but they serve their purpose by perpetuating the cannibalistic nature of these warriors.  I tied them into their former past as Space Wolves by giving two of them axes.  The thought of a warrior of Khorne bashing a skull in with Mace was too much to pass up.  This weapon is up close and personal just the way the Blood God likes it.  The other two were given Chainfist for the sheer joy of having the blood of their prey spraying all over them.  Their unit Champion carries the Icon of Khorne for his squad.
When it comes to painting this squad I plan on diverging greatly from The Ravenous' standard paint scheme.  This will allow me to show the fracture that is taking place within the pack.  I hope to pick a colour scheme that will contrast the rest of the army to achieve this goal.  Yes this will make the army as a whole not pleasing to the eye but I think the story behind it is worth its weight in skulls.


  1. Nice man, nice!

    I used that same standard topper as an icon for my custom Kharn model, it's a pretty cool icon. You see the finecast ones they're making for us Khornish folks? They also look pretty sweet, I might get a couple for when I start my army.

    Just about to read your HoP story, good luck this week bloke!

    Kharn, bro.

  2. The new fine cast icons are spectacular especially the Khorne ones. Wish they had of made ones for both Nurgle and Slaneesh though. Thanks for checking out my HoP Idol entry and I hope you enjoy it.