Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #16: Khorne Berzerkers

To become a Khorne Berzerker in the cannibalistic pack of Renegades known as The Ravenous first one must survive being an initiate as a Chaos Space Marine.  Once a proven and battle tested warrior of the Blood God a Chaos Space Marine will be accepted into the pack.  Khorne Berzerkers are a blunt tool with the aim of sowing destruction and fear on the battlefield.  Their frenzied like state is a psychosis method of communicating with a Wendigo.  If they are able to create a bond with a Wendigo they are subjected to a lobotomy.  This operation effectively ends their their life as a Khorne Berzerker as it flat lines their blood lust.  This is done so they can enter into a meditative state that is dependent on isolation and hunger.  Here they have the ability to evolve into a Possessed Chaos Space Marine, a Raptor, or perhaps even a full fledged Wendigo.  This is no easy task though as they are left alone for easily a year at a time if not more.  Many Khorne Berzerkers are consumed by the evil spirit that they seek power from.  If they are lucky they will die but the unfortunate they will become a mindless Spawn of Chaos.

When it came to modelling my Khorne Berzerkers I wanted them to be in a position that conveyed action.  I wanted their frenzied like state to be center stage where they appeared to be moving across the battlefield.  I was able to achieve this by basing them on to rocky outcrops.  In many cases leaping from one rock to the next.  Like the rest of my army I have done away with the cork bases n favour of slate in the name of durability.  I was able to maintain if not elevate their rage.  Lavishing them with the skulls of their foes enabled me to show that they are proven warriors of Blood God.  For the Skull Champions you will notice the inclusion of a Possessed Chaos Space Marine bit for an arm.  This is there to represent them being marked with Wendigo Psychosis and to act as either a powerfist or power sword.

Khorne Berzerker A & B
Khorne Berzerker C, D & E
Khorne Berzerker F, G & H
Khorne Berzerker I & J
Khorne Berzerker K, L
Khorne Berzerker M & N 
Khorne Berzerker O & P


  1. Sweet! Love me some Khorne Berserkers, my next army (Sitting in boxes and various stages of building) is the World Eaters!

    Nice bit of fluff there too HOTpants!

  2. Cheers Redscorp...This entire project is made from my left over models from various other projects. Times may be tight on money for me but the models are still flowing. Thanks for checking out the post.