Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 WIP it Wednesday #15: Terminator Lord

Chaos Lord Megedagik (Algonquin for "he kills many") is the second Wolf Lord to control The Ravenous. His formal title is that of Coryphaus which was adopted after the appearance of the Wendigo. His role is to act as the intermediary between the Wendigo and his pack. This allows the Wendigo to be seen as a spiritual and god like figure. His main role is to command the pack tactically on and off the battlefield. This frees up the Wendigo to commune with the Blood God, fuel the hunger of the pack and ponder strategic matters. It is widely speculated that he is one of the original members The Ravenous and played a crucial role in the culling of the pack. Specifically he laid the foundation for the emergence of the Wendigo and the overthrowing of former master Wolf Lord Manitous. To help ensure that he is not overthrown by another pack member he has surrounded himself with all of the packs of Terminators. Megedagik ensures their loyalty to him by supervening their pecking order in the pack. He has been Possessed by evil spirit that has manifested itself by mutating his left army into a daemonic weapon. This is the mark of Khorne and it is what keeps the pack obedient. Without it he would be powerless, he would be nothing.
When I model my Chaos Terminator Lord I had wanted him to be marked with Khorne so that I could equip him with a Bloodletter. This daemonic weapon is the perfect killing tool in a fluff based army. When it is used on the gaming table his attacks can range from nothing to insane amount in the teens, all of which are power weapon based. To represent this I stole a bit from a Possessed Chaos Space Marine boxset. The bit is a flaming sword that is emerging out of a left arm. For his mark of Khorne I used a Spawn head that is essentially a large ornate helmet fashion in the eye of the Blood God.
I am not sure how I plan on painting him but I do feel that he deserves to standout amongst the pack. I fear that he will end up following the path of his predecessor Lord Manitous. I hope to learn from my mistake and be less stringent when it comes to painting my HQ choices and characters from now on out. They simple deserve more and are hungering for more.


  1. cool :)thats a realy cool head!
    have you thought about painting it in either:
    a nice blood red: merchite base blended to blood red to yellow
    some sort of cool freehand? like flames across his armour like his flaming sword.


  2. Would love t be able to pul off something to that level but unfortunately that is well beyond my skill level. He does deserve something extra though and I will try my best to paint him above the rest of my army.

  3. I like it, I like the back story as well!

    Can you mount the head a little higher? I would probably place it so that the helmet component sat level with the normal head position then the skull head and khorne symbol are higher. From the front his head looks a bit low.

    I use one of those Khorne Daemon weapons on my lord as well and despite the S4, the sheer number of attacks is just insane most of the time. He wiped out a whole tac squad in a single turn by himself.

    Fun times!

  4. Sorry about the typos in the background. I missed them when I was proof reading. Very sloppy on my part.

    Glad you enjoyed the fluff as for the models head will unfortunately it is as far back as it can go. The upper part of the Khorne symbol is press right up against the terminator armour thus preventing it from being angled any further back.

    Khorne Daemon weapons are as the kids say "off the hook". Hahahaha. I have an uncanny ability to roll box cars when ever this model is involved in close combat. I have role it every game that I have used the model in for a running total of 5 games. Statistically this is just wrong.

  5. At first I thought his name said (no joke) - Megadick. XD

  6. you really have been delving deep into 4chan.

  7. HAHAHA, Megadick!

    Man if you were in our gaming group that would stick. It is remarkably close, so close that on a quick scan of the back ground story my eyes can only read megadick.

    Oh dear!

    Don't get me wrong dude, he still looks great and the head doesn't look wrong/broken and if you painted the brightness/detail onto the skull face area it would look good.

    I haven't played my World Eaters much, they are the next army I am going to work on but I did have a test game and he was quite lucky, I think the minimum attacks he rolled were 7, with box cars rolled in another combat.

    I know how you feel though, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS roll 1's to penetrate with a Lascannon. It's actually so common, I cannot remember a single time where a lascannon has EVER made a pen on anything!

    Bloody dice games.