Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 WIP it Wednesday #13: Possessed CSM

"Many have allowed themselves to be possessed to show their devotion to their  Chaos God or to gain the unearthly power that only daemonic possession can bring. The majority of the time, a possessed retains control over their actions, the daemon never permanently displacing the mortal mind of the Marine. It is only during times of bloodshed and battle that the daemon comes to dominate the pairing, assuming complete control over the shared body. The Marine, already a savage warrior, becomes an utterly relentless and bestial destroyer. His body no longer feels pain. The daemon given free reign, mutations twist the Marine's human form further into daemonic and inhuman shapes" (Provided by Lexicanum).

For members of The Ravenous to become possessed by a daemon is to be touch by a Wendigo.  This specific daemon craves flesh while thirsting for the blood of mortals.  To even be considered to be the host for a Wendigo one must starve themselves to brink of death and them gorge themselves on human flesh and blood.  This alone will not be enough and it is during their self induced famine that they prey to the Blood God.  Without his blessing one will not even be considered no matter the length of their starvation. 

When it came to modelling my Possessed Chaos Marines I was in awe of the kit itself.  This has to be without a doubt the best kit GW has single handily put out.  Unfortunately they left us hanging when they wrote the rules up.  This oversight on their part did not stop me from using them thanks to the ability to use them for a multitude of conversions.  Even with me stealing a bit or two from each sprue I was still able to put together twelve of these beautiful creatures.

Possessed A & B
Possessed C & D
Possessed E & F
Possessed G & H
Possessed I & J
Possessed K & L
I create dynamic possess by utilizing their bases as a jumping off point.  Even though I have rebased these models with slate now instead of cork I kept true to how I posed them in the pictures above.  This creates the impression that they are alive.  Model K also received a weapon swap as I wanted them to have an Icon of Khorne in their midst.  To achieve this I modified his axe to become a spear that is fashioned into the image of Khorne.  I am very please with how they turned out especially model F and I can only hope that when I paint these models that I can transcribe this zest for destruction over. 


  1. Can I have two as joint favourites? I like F & J. They look awesome as they are, can't wait to see them painted up! Good work Panda.

  2. I like J & H myself. Many of the models have a new feel to them thanks to me rebasing them.