Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 Sunday Best #9: Creating Life

Eric Joyner Gangenstein
The Five Robots gathered around the lifeless body.  They each stared at the forbidden donut, then glance  at each other ending with a nod.  Silence was the mood as tonight their goal was to create life.  This life was the labour of their work for the past several month and with in it was their salvation.  One of the robots through the switch and before he turned back around to watch energy was coursing through the donut and into their creation.  His muscles began to twitch, firing in rapid succession.  As he lifted his head and raise his eyes one of the Robots screamed out "IT'S ALIVE!"  This weeks Sunday Best understand what it takes to create life in the world of table top gaming.  Like the power of the forbidden donut these three artist understand that their paint and brushes are a tools that can turn infuse our grey models with life itself.
Artist #1: Warpstone Flux - Ode to a Dead Paintbrush
JabberJabber over at Warpstone Flux shows us that blogging does not always have to be approached from a traditional standpoint but that you can have fun with it instead.  He pays homage to the paint brush through a poem that will make you weep openly about the demise of a dead paintbrush.
Artist #2: Miniature Tim - Test Figures...Are They Necessary?
Miniature Tim makes his second appearance on Sunday Best with an editorial that asks us if test figures are a necessary tool when it comes to painting.  In his post he goes over the evolution of his recent army's paint scheme and how he benefited from painting up a Test Figure.
Artist #3: The Madhouse Workshop - Marauders with Great Weapons
PsychosisPC also makes a well deserved second appearance here at the temple of Chaos on the sabbath day with his finished works of art; Chaos Marauders.  Despite these models being used from the Warhammer Fantasy line one can appreciate the level of detail that he has infused into each of these models.  Over the past week he has posted several pictures of these chaos warriors.  Each of them a monstrosity of their own.  Each them coursing with the life of his paint and brush.

These three artist have each demonstrated the power that our paint and brushes can unleash.  Each them explore the various aspects of these tools in their own way.  In the end though they each understand that with out them our models would remain lifeless on our work tables.  However, with them they are infused with the life itself and anything is possible, even man tears.


  1. Hey HOTpanda!, thanks immensely for the shout-out for the second time :). I've been contemplating a blog shoot style of post myself, and it's an honor to be featured on yours :)

  2. No problem Tim as the pleasure is all mine. I really enjoyed reading the post and I absolutely loved how your Greco-Roman inspired Space Marines turned out.