Sunday, August 14, 2011

13 Sunday Best #7: Motivation

Followers of Khorne might have an easy time turning lemons into blood for the blood god but for the life of me I can only turn lemons into lemonade.  Every once in a while I get stuck in rut where my hobby takes on a bitter taste.  It is here that one must learn to sink or swim.  This week's Sunday Best act a as a life jacket for those of us who cannot stay afloat in the turbulent waters.  For me their posts motivated me to not only pick up my models but to approach various aspects of the hobby from a new angle.  

The Man Behind the Mask has been keeping his motivation floating by listening to music during his hobby sessions.  For him the "perfect playlist not only puts (him) right where (he) needs to be creatively, but also keeps (him) focused on the project at hand".  With that in mind each week he has been throwing out one of his favourite song via a music video.  I have reached out for this life buoy by embracing my love for music with the creation of a playlist for my next painting session. 

Redscorps caught my attention in the vast ocean of blogging with his vibrant rescue craft; a Landspeeder Storm.  Not only does his choice of colours hook my interest level but the placement of each colour has caused me to sink with envy.  There is something to be said about the simplicity of the grey armour mixed in with a strong yellow highlight.  What sets the hook though is the application of the red weathering powders.  His Landspeeder has motivated me to expand my colour palette to include muted armour with bight accents.

Lucky No.5 has rescued my motivation on more than one occasion through the myriad of colours that splash the armour of his Dark Eldar.  This week he indulged us with squad of Truborn and Venom.  Both have been lavished in wide array of colours that pull my twist and mesmerize my mind.  Once again it's the bright and vibrant highlights against a muted armour that is motivating me to expand my colour palette.  

Each of these blog authors has provided me with a life jacket for my hobby moral.  Two of them have motivated me with their colour palette while the first provides me with a tool that I can use to focus my mind.  If you find yourself drowning in the miniature world that we call our hobby be sure to grab on to each of these blogs as they will not only motivate you but pull you out of a hobby slump.

Honourable Mention:

Hephesto may not have pulled my motivation out of the dark treacherous waters of depression but he does provide me with a new tool that I use to ensure my survival. Masquerade Miniture's TubeTool "is extremely simple, you get 3 sets of differently sized, ribbed, plastic templates, that when used in conjunction with modelling putties will enable you to make (scifi) tubing, rope and various other materials".  Hephesto gives us a complete product review and hands down was my favourite post of the week.


  1. RedScorps is a great blog.
    I speak to him fairly often now as well and he's a great guy.

  2. i am planning on starting a Sisters of Slaanesh Army after the second White Dwarf hits the shelves and would love to paint them in a similar style.

  3. I had to add in Hephesto's post even though it did not fit nicely into the theme for the post as it was by far my favourite post of the week.

  4. Thanks for the shout out HotPanda!

    I just joined your blog :)

  5. Thanks LuckyNo.5 I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours. Love your painting style and your choice of colours. Cheers.

  6. I'm with LuckyNo.5, I also just joined and have to say thanks for linking me and the comments. I'm glad you're digging my work and that you're getting something from it.

    Also great blog here HOTpanda, I have no idea how I haven't seen this before.. The site looks great and you have a lot of really good content. Makes me think I need to give my Red Scorpions one a bit of a revamp!

    Thanks again

  7. Also, I really enjoy your writing style.

    Very polished!

  8. I gotta say, I love these types of posts, and you guys make me want to start a series like this of my own... Can't believe I haven't seen Redscorps blog yet, and I'm diving in to the rest too!

  9. Just glad people are enjoying the blog and finding new blogs that also catch their interest. Blogging to me is not just about your own site but the community as a whole. As such I decided a month ago to devote two of my five post (a week) to the promoting of community (Saturday Shout Out & Sunday Best). Cheers to everyone for stopping by and double cheers to those who left comments. Keep on blogging.

  10. I hope you don't mind but I have linked your blog as well and mentioned you in the last paragraph of my latest post HOTpanda.

    You've given me a lot of food for thought, I think posts like this are really beneficial to your readers as well as the bloggers you link them up with.

    I love the fact that you are promoting the community through sources of your own inspiration.

  11. Updated my blog roll to include both of your blogs Red and I also added LuckyNo.5's blog The Eye of Error to my blog list. I will be needed to update my site shortly as the blog is growing both in terms of followers and the ever growing mess. Trying my best so please bare with me.

  12. I think I will be adding some page tabs at the top during my two weeks of holidays coming up along with an increase blog list or perhaps a second one to compliment the one that is growing out of control. While I am at it I will be updating the Work Bench to reflect my current project "The Ravenous", the Chaos Space Marine edition.

    ps this is me making a mental note...hahahaha

  13. Excellent, thanks man!

    I have been considering adding pages as well with the information I am presenting organised a little more thoroughly.

    I did it on First Blood but I think once I start adding a few Sunday Best posts of my own I would like to have a dedicated section for them.

    I can't wait until this tournament frenzy is over, 5 more days..