Sunday, August 7, 2011

0 Sunday Best #6: The Devil is in the Details

The idiom "the devil is in the details" derives from the earlier phrase, "God is in the detail;" expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly as the details are important.  The image above echos this statement in that at a first glance it appears that a woman is eating an apple but upon further inspection one will notice that the witch is devouring the skull of a baby.  It is in details such as this that the devil is able to manipulate our perception in an attempt to win us over.  You as a hobbyist can act as the devil himself by putting that extra little bit of effort into the various details of your army.  This week in Sunday Best we have three blog authors who have taken that extra step when it comes to the details in their army.  Let's have a look at how they have infused a tiny piece of the devil into their hobby.
Devil #1 - Heresy Workshop: 40k Scale Newspapers & Propaganda Posters
Will Wright pushed his evil propaganda into the details of his hobby by publishing a tutorial on how to make newspapers and posters.  What stands out though is the material that he has used to make them;  the foil from a wine bottle.  With the medium now in hand he scribes his final details by transcribing the litanies of hate across them.  Head on over to the Heresy Workshop now to order your own weekly subscription.
Devil #2 - Hephesto's Forge: Something Worth Fighting for...
Hephesto has had enough with the lack lustre objectives that GW has provided us with.  He speaks out against the injustice they have cause by not paying attention to the details.  Not only has he made his own detailed objective markers but he challenges the rest of us to make our own.  To back his bond with the devil he asks his why they would not want to have detailed objective makers that is worthy of your lavishly painted army fighting over.
Devil #3 - Too Many Armies!: Counts As...
Daniel Pettit has injected his army with a variety of "Counts As" models.  He goes over how one can inject "Counts As" models into their own armies by going over two philosophies; "Rule Dictating the Model and Model Dictating the Rules.  He took the long route by thinking outside the standard Warhammer 40k range and looked for models that were had been touch by the devil.  No matter how you skin the details though Daniel has turned his Iron Warrior cadre into a diabolical force that filled with life.  

All three of these authors were able to injected the devil into the details of their hobby by going that extra mile.  During their long journey to hell they provided both themselves and us with a variety of ways to ensure the details are not forgotten about.  Do not take their words lightly though as they are filled with the devil himself.  Feast upon their words and lavish your armies, terrain and objective markers with the details that they deserve.

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