Monday, August 1, 2011

2 Scheduled for Execution

The death mask is staring me down and it's just hours away from him beginning what he calls work.  There is nothing left that I can do but sit and wait.  You the readers though can just sit back and enjoy the show as all is taken care of.  What is about to take place is that I am going on holidays for the next couple of weeks and I have scheduled both WIP it Wednesdays and Flashback Fridays to be executed in my absence.  Please feel free to make any derogatory comments at the Executioner himself via the comments box but know that he won't respond.  This also means that Saturday Shout Out, Sunday Best and Model Monday will not be posted during my absence unless a miracle takes place.  If for what ever reason the governor pardons me or I find internet access I will try my best to get a post two up.  Just remember that there will still be two post a week going up here at The Chaos Manifesto.


  1. wish It was in Chicago last week as the pictures look like it was to DIE for...