Saturday, August 27, 2011

6 Saturday Shout Out #9: HOTPanda

I am getting eaten alive by and angry abusive Panda over at the House of Paincakes.  My only hope for surviving is for you the readers of this blog to pull me out of the mess I put myself into.  I am begging you to take two minutes of your time to vote for me, HOTPanda, in the House of Paincakes Idol Contest.  If I get dropped from the contest week one I will not only be demoralized but I may fall deep into a self induced coma of sadness.  Keep this Panda from becoming sad by placing our vote for the one and only HOTPanda.  


  1. Oh dear HOTpants!

    I have thrown you my vote. Not out of sympathy to keep you afloat but because I know you're a very tallented writer and you've got some great stuff to contribute.

    Good luck dude!

  2. Heya HOT Panda, don't get yourself too down matey, I enjoyed your article and I think everyone did a grand job and have said so on my own blog:

    I'm just urging anyone who reads my blog to vote for whoever really as I think we all put some effort in. It'd be nice if some people other than our moms voted for us!!! :P

  3. I wish my mom and dad had of voted for
    Just trying to bring some hype to the contest. With only 51 people voting I am a little shocked. It's a lot to read but I think there is some great articles there and would like to see everyone who has there blog on their blog list vote.

  4. TBH with your more people have actually voted than I thought would. Genuinely. I mean I like the HoP site but its hardly the biggest blogging collective being so new and young and most people are actually probably spending their time painting mini's and playing games!!! As they should be. lol. Don't sweat it mate its just a bit of fun after all.

  5. Not one bit, but every bit of publicity just makes for a more enjoyable experience. I like it when the community gets together in mass. HoP Idol contest should be such an event. Plus it gives me something to blog about which is a good thing.