Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #8: House of Paincakes

If you have not checked your towel at the front door to the International House of Paincakes then you truly are not a person to be reckon with.  The menu here is filled with various blogs from various gaming systems.  Their aim is to serve up a wide variety of blogs by throwing off the shackles of victorian society.  There is no need to conform to a status quo, no need to edit what you are posting and no time in requirements to be part of their blog network.  They simply are the International House of Paincakes blog network.

I joined them when I dived back into the blog-o-shere three months ago with The Chaos Manifesto.  They have been bringing me a small but steady diet of hits each month.  It may not fill my stomach but in the next couple of months I know I will be gorging on their delicious treats as I have been selected to be a participant in their HoP Idol contest.  That is right folks I was one of eight individuals to have a shot at becoming a author on their blog.  This weekend they will be making the official announcement and during the week they will be posting my entry post.  As the contest is rolled out I will be required to write a variety of post that they will judge and then post up for everyone to taste.  This coverage will create a substantial amount of traffic for The Chaos Manifesto and I want to give the a preemptive Saturday Shout Out.   Show International House of Paincakes some love by visiting their site and if you get the chance tell them the Chaos Manifesto is the real Slim Shady.


  1. Nice one, I found them pretty soon after I started my blog also. Good luck to you sir!

    On an unrelated note, not sure if you got my email but I've shipped the Warboss to you so expect that soon!

  2. Pumped about the HoP Idol Contest and it will be great for my blog win or lose.

    Cheers for the Warboss. As a result of your contest I will be Pay it Forward via a contest this Sept of which I will be working with MWC. Thanks for pointing me to them Warflake.