Tuesday, August 23, 2011

0 HoP Idol: Round #1

Look at the mug on that guy...have a nice hard long look...now I bet you want to see this face as your first and only winner of the HoP Idol Contest...I know I do cause it's an artist rendition of me, HOTPanda.  For those of you who follow my blog or just plain out stalk me you already know that I have entered and been accepted as a contestant over at the House of Paincakes HoP Idol Contest.  For those that don't will head on over to the House of Paincakes where you can not only read about the contest but the various bloggers who are competing for a weekly post on their site.  This contest is bound to produce some highly polished articles that could smash a wall down just like the Kool-Aid Man.   Just be sure each week to vote for your favourite post, which hopefully is mine, and leave a comment or two.  

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