Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Flashback Friday #11: Nurgle Bikers

"'IT does FREAKING MATTER!!! The DEATH FALCONS are on the cusp of extinction and YOU want to wait for them to come to us!!!"Hissed Daemon Prince Zalfiqar. "TERROR what gave birth to me and it is how The Betrayer's of Pain shall be born.  They may have left the swamp lands and have consolidated outside our realm of control but we can extend that back around them'.

Plague Champion Sabri recoiled back as the Daemon Prince verbally lashed out at him.  He and his fellow Plague Marines excelled at defensive strategies not at taking the fight to the enemy.  He had tried to explain this to Zalfiqar but the Daemon Prince wanted nothing of it.

"The Father of Decay and myself will not forget your insolent words and mark my word your time will come soon just like the Death Falcons.  I had given you the opportunity to not only lead the Betrayer's of Pain but also to strike the death blow to the enemy.  You have shied away from that task with fear and I have alternate plan that does not involve you or your Plague Marines."

As if on cue three rotten bodies emerged from the shadows of the forest behind Sabri; one on each side and one directly behind him. The two on Sabri's flanks whispered into his ears, "We're going to take you for a ride and show you what terror is..." The third rotten bodies quickly wrapped a rusted chain around Sabri's neck as the the other two grabbed hold of his arms; preventing him from fighting back.  Stripping Sabri of his weapons and armour they proceeded to tie him to one of their motorcycles by his neck.

"Sabri, Sabri, Sabri...These three rotten warriors are what you could have been...they do not sit and wait...they are swift and ruthless...fear not though as you will serve Nurgle one last time.  For you are going to be the entry point for the Greater Daemon of Storax.  Not only will he consume your plague infested body but he will use your soul as a beacon for the Lesser Daemons of Storax.  You are not but a vessel, a daemon bomb, that is about to explode..."'

Rotten Apple #1: TARIQ

Rotten Apple #2: BILAL 

Rotten Apple #3: AYMAN
The trio is but pure indulgence for the hobbyist inside me. They are by no means fielded on a regular basis but on occasion they leave a wake of mud and terror on the battlefield. I treated each one as a unique experience. At same time I wanted a dynamic element to each of them thus their poses. It's as if each of them is in the final stages of a drive by shooting. Rotten #1, has the what is now left of Hamid, his skeleton, which now serves as their Icon of Nurgle.  I stole this bit from the Dryad box set and have also implemented it throughout my army for various icons. What could be more fitting for an icon then the decayed remains of a plague marine. Rotten #2 may be hiding his face but from this angle you can see his tentacles that are holding the handle bars. Rotten #3 received some special attention with a bloated relic of a bit, a mutated right arm. Each of their bases has a tree branch to help tie them in with my Nurgle Forest them. Painting wise I am not sure where I will take them yet but rest assure they will stand out from the rest of my army as they deserve the attention.

When I first got my grim encrusted tentacles on the Chaos Space Marine Codex I was instantly fixated on having some Rotten Apple Nurgle like Bikers. I held off at first but Nurgle whispered into my ear about how he longed for some bikers devoted to his cause. I have never denied the Father of Decay any of his request so I built a trio in his reverence. These three are but small in squad size but their motivation to please Nurgle has unsurpassed their ability to betray the pain. 


  1. Needs more puss =p
    They look awesome man!

  2. Cheers warfalke. Glad you enjoyed the bikers cause they were a blast to put together.