Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 50+ Members: Thank You

"For the Betrayer's it is time of rebuilding, a time dedicated to the Palustris Project.  An experiment that has exploded into the Chaos Manifesto like pulsating boil.  They have managed to create a cult of zombie worshipping Chaos fiends that crave and intellectual blog that is dedicated to four gods of Chaos.  Without them the cause is lost amongst the shadow of the warp.  With them The Chaos Manifesto can extend its' tentacles across the Imperium into the very heart of Terra itself.  They are the future and without I am nothing more."

Over the past week The Chaos Manifesto has seen an unexplained surge in its followers that has left me standing in awe.  Like a zombie with its jaw dislocated I continue to try and form words that are not there.  The only thought that comes to mind is THANK YOU.  I never thought that my blog could grow to this size in such a short period.  Each new member motivates me to push forward with not only my hobby but with finding new ways to support the 40k blogging community.  I will be revamping the site in the next couple of weeks.  Changes that you can expect include a larger blog list so that I your zombie moans are more audible.  I will also be adding pages to my blog to make your shambling that much easy as you navigate your way through the litanies of hate.  I will be updating my work bench tab (located at the bottom right of my blog) to reflect the second phase of The Ravenous, Chaos Space Marine edition.  All three these may result in a new look to The Chaos Manifesto but fear not the transition will be seamless to each and everyone of you.  If you want to see something added to this site please let me know as I am but a disciple of the Gods of Chaos and I am here to serve you.  

As sow the seed of destruction amongst the imperium remember the words of the Dark Apostle, Harzhan of the Word Bearers, "Cast down the idols! Destroy the temples! Slay the priests! Show these fools that they worship nothing more than a rotting corpse!"  Now go forth and spread the word of The Chaos Manifesto. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel buddy.
    When I got a surge of followers it really does make you want to boost your efforts and help the community more.
    Hence why I've got three blog lists haha.
    Wait till you do some sort of contest and that will boost your followers even more.
    Well done man, you deserve recognition.

  2. Thanks Warflake for the support and the comment.