Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #17: Khorne Terminators

They are ruthless warriors who gorge on the blood and flesh of the fallen.  They are the nightmares that haunt the back waters of the Imperium.  They are eternal slaves to the Blood God that they pledge their allegiance to.  They are Chaos Terminators.  These Terminators comprise the Honour Guard for Chaos Lord Megeddagik.  Without him the would they would second class members of The Ravenous.  By lending him their numbers and their formidable Terminator armour the rest of pack must respect his word and power.  With him they sit at the top of pack.  As such they receive the first kill and always eat the flesh of fallen first.  If it were not for these privileges Megeddagik's Terminators, his Honour Guard would kill him in a heart beat.
When it came to modelling the Terminators I knew instantly that I wanted to use all the helmets that had tusk in them.  The animalistic nature of these helmets was perfect for tying them in to the background and fluff of The Ravenous.  I pushed this approach further by giving them trophies of their fallen.  I personally do not care for these bits but they serve their purpose by perpetuating the cannibalistic nature of these warriors.  I tied them into their former past as Space Wolves by giving two of them axes.  The thought of a warrior of Khorne bashing a skull in with Mace was too much to pass up.  This weapon is up close and personal just the way the Blood God likes it.  The other two were given Chainfist for the sheer joy of having the blood of their prey spraying all over them.  Their unit Champion carries the Icon of Khorne for his squad.
When it comes to painting this squad I plan on diverging greatly from The Ravenous' standard paint scheme.  This will allow me to show the fracture that is taking place within the pack.  I hope to pick a colour scheme that will contrast the rest of the army to achieve this goal.  Yes this will make the army as a whole not pleasing to the eye but I think the story behind it is worth its weight in skulls.

Monday, August 29, 2011

6 HoP Idol: Saved by the Skin of my Teeth

The predator infested water ways of the House of Paincakes is a hard place to survive, especially during week one of the HoP Idol Contest.  Not only did the other HoP Idol contestants eat up all the Paincakes but the patrons decided to stay well clear of me.  Perhaps it was the teeth or even just skin on my teeth that kept the votes away.   In the end the competition in the pond was fierce and I came out with the short straw...But at least I came out with a straw as one of the other contestants decided not to take one as he had to drop out.  Bad news for him especially since he showed that he deserved a place in the deep murky fish tank.  Good news for this HOTPanda though as I've managed to be "saved by the skin of my teeth.  For closer look at what each of the fish's teeth looked like in round number one head on over to Frontline Gamer where he summarized the entries of round one into a sharp little snap shot.

While I scrap my fangs clean I urge all of you to head on over to the House of Paincakes as round two is already under way.  With a twist of excitement the judges have thrown up a Quick Fire Challenge that will give the winner immunity for the week.  For details on this challenge, my Quick Fire Challenge entry for it and the rest of round two head on over to the House of Paincakes.  Without you the prey, I mean the readers there cannot be a HoP Idol.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 Sunday Best #9: Creating Life

Eric Joyner Gangenstein
The Five Robots gathered around the lifeless body.  They each stared at the forbidden donut, then glance  at each other ending with a nod.  Silence was the mood as tonight their goal was to create life.  This life was the labour of their work for the past several month and with in it was their salvation.  One of the robots through the switch and before he turned back around to watch energy was coursing through the donut and into their creation.  His muscles began to twitch, firing in rapid succession.  As he lifted his head and raise his eyes one of the Robots screamed out "IT'S ALIVE!"  This weeks Sunday Best understand what it takes to create life in the world of table top gaming.  Like the power of the forbidden donut these three artist understand that their paint and brushes are a tools that can turn infuse our grey models with life itself.
Artist #1: Warpstone Flux - Ode to a Dead Paintbrush
JabberJabber over at Warpstone Flux shows us that blogging does not always have to be approached from a traditional standpoint but that you can have fun with it instead.  He pays homage to the paint brush through a poem that will make you weep openly about the demise of a dead paintbrush.
Artist #2: Miniature Tim - Test Figures...Are They Necessary?
Miniature Tim makes his second appearance on Sunday Best with an editorial that asks us if test figures are a necessary tool when it comes to painting.  In his post he goes over the evolution of his recent army's paint scheme and how he benefited from painting up a Test Figure.
Artist #3: The Madhouse Workshop - Marauders with Great Weapons
PsychosisPC also makes a well deserved second appearance here at the temple of Chaos on the sabbath day with his finished works of art; Chaos Marauders.  Despite these models being used from the Warhammer Fantasy line one can appreciate the level of detail that he has infused into each of these models.  Over the past week he has posted several pictures of these chaos warriors.  Each of them a monstrosity of their own.  Each them coursing with the life of his paint and brush.

These three artist have each demonstrated the power that our paint and brushes can unleash.  Each them explore the various aspects of these tools in their own way.  In the end though they each understand that with out them our models would remain lifeless on our work tables.  However, with them they are infused with the life itself and anything is possible, even man tears.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

6 Saturday Shout Out #9: HOTPanda

I am getting eaten alive by and angry abusive Panda over at the House of Paincakes.  My only hope for surviving is for you the readers of this blog to pull me out of the mess I put myself into.  I am begging you to take two minutes of your time to vote for me, HOTPanda, in the House of Paincakes Idol Contest.  If I get dropped from the contest week one I will not only be demoralized but I may fall deep into a self induced coma of sadness.  Keep this Panda from becoming sad by placing our vote for the one and only HOTPanda.  

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1 Flashback Friday #14: Rune Priests

"Are you tired of being left out of battle because you don't stand apart from the rest of the Wolf Pack Leaders?"

"Do you find yourself wondering why his wolf tail is bigger than yours?"

"Are all the other Rune Priest using your two Psychic Powers?"

"Well not any more!!! Thats right Rune Priest if you order now for 3 easy payments of $14.99 you too can find yourself hunting on the battlefield."

"If you don't believe here are some testimonial words from other Rune Priest who used our product and have not looked back"

100pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Tempest Wraith
*Long Range, Defensive: anti Deep Strike Build
~Ideally deployed with LongFangs in the backfield

100pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Living Lighting
*Long Range, Offesensive Build
~Ideally deployed with LongFangs in the backfield

120pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Storm Caller
-Runic Armour
*Footslogger Support Build
~Ideally deployed with large packs of BloodClaws or Grey Hunters

135pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Murderous Hurrican
-Space Marine Bike
~Ideally deployed alone or with a small Biker Squad for extra wounds

140pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Living Lighting
-Runic Armour, Beast Slayer & Wolf Tooth Necklace
*Close Combat Build - Rhino Variant
~Ideally used against Monstrous Creatures

145pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Living Lighting
-Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma, Beast Slayer & Wolf Tooth Necklace
*Close Combat Build - Drop Pod Variant
~Ideally used against Monstrous Creatures

165pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Murderous Hurricane
-Runic Armour, Saga of the Warrior Born & Wolf Tooth Necklace
*Close Combat Build - Rhino Variant
~Ideally used against Hordes

170pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Murderous Hurricane
-Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma, Saga of the Warrior Born & Wolf Tooth Necklace
*Close Combat Build - Drop Pod Variant
~Ideally used against Hordes Creatures

190pts = Rune Priest: JotWW & Thunder Clap
-Runic Armour, Jump Pack, Saga of the Warrior Born, & Wolf Tooth Necklace
*Anti Horde - Wild Card Build
~Ideally deployed with SkyClaws
"If your order right now I will also throw in a FREE, that right FREE, Chooser of the Slain. This companion will squak all day and all night,while helping you to set yourself apart from other pack leaders for only 10 points."

Order NOW!!!

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1 The Kool-Aid Man vs Games Workshop

Ohhhh Yeah!!! If you are looking to quench your thirst you better head on over to the House of Paincakes where I, the HOTPanda, am serving up a your favourite sugary drink.  Not only will it fill your with rage about Games Workshop's Citadel Finecast but it will show you how things could of turned out if our favourite model company had half a lick to them when it came to marketing.  Be sure to vote for your favourite on Friday and if you want more of my delicious Kool-Aid Beverages at the House of Paincakes you best be voting for me.

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2 WIP it Wednesday #16: Khorne Berzerkers

To become a Khorne Berzerker in the cannibalistic pack of Renegades known as The Ravenous first one must survive being an initiate as a Chaos Space Marine.  Once a proven and battle tested warrior of the Blood God a Chaos Space Marine will be accepted into the pack.  Khorne Berzerkers are a blunt tool with the aim of sowing destruction and fear on the battlefield.  Their frenzied like state is a psychosis method of communicating with a Wendigo.  If they are able to create a bond with a Wendigo they are subjected to a lobotomy.  This operation effectively ends their their life as a Khorne Berzerker as it flat lines their blood lust.  This is done so they can enter into a meditative state that is dependent on isolation and hunger.  Here they have the ability to evolve into a Possessed Chaos Space Marine, a Raptor, or perhaps even a full fledged Wendigo.  This is no easy task though as they are left alone for easily a year at a time if not more.  Many Khorne Berzerkers are consumed by the evil spirit that they seek power from.  If they are lucky they will die but the unfortunate they will become a mindless Spawn of Chaos.

When it came to modelling my Khorne Berzerkers I wanted them to be in a position that conveyed action.  I wanted their frenzied like state to be center stage where they appeared to be moving across the battlefield.  I was able to achieve this by basing them on to rocky outcrops.  In many cases leaping from one rock to the next.  Like the rest of my army I have done away with the cork bases n favour of slate in the name of durability.  I was able to maintain if not elevate their rage.  Lavishing them with the skulls of their foes enabled me to show that they are proven warriors of Blood God.  For the Skull Champions you will notice the inclusion of a Possessed Chaos Space Marine bit for an arm.  This is there to represent them being marked with Wendigo Psychosis and to act as either a powerfist or power sword.

Khorne Berzerker A & B
Khorne Berzerker C, D & E
Khorne Berzerker F, G & H
Khorne Berzerker I & J
Khorne Berzerker K, L
Khorne Berzerker M & N 
Khorne Berzerker O & P

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

0 HoP Idol: Round #1

Look at the mug on that guy...have a nice hard long I bet you want to see this face as your first and only winner of the HoP Idol Contest...I know I do cause it's an artist rendition of me, HOTPanda.  For those of you who follow my blog or just plain out stalk me you already know that I have entered and been accepted as a contestant over at the House of Paincakes HoP Idol Contest.  For those that don't will head on over to the House of Paincakes where you can not only read about the contest but the various bloggers who are competing for a weekly post on their site.  This contest is bound to produce some highly polished articles that could smash a wall down just like the Kool-Aid Man.   Just be sure each week to vote for your favourite post, which hopefully is mine, and leave a comment or two.  

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7 Sunday Best #8: Life, Death & Everything In-between

The Warhammer 40k blogging community ebbs with storms of the Warp by breathing both life and death into all those who wade into it.  New blogs are born each day while old slowly fade into the darkness of death.  Everything in-between is where the beating heart of our community can be found.  This weeks Sunday Best celebrates the life, death and everything in-between in the Warhammer 40k blogging community.

Life - Red's Corps: Optimization and a New Face
It may not be the birth of a new blog but Redcorps is breathing new life into his blog by implementing numerous improvements.  Like a phoenix raising high above the flames his improvement have sent his blog soaring through the internet.  Within a minutes of renaming his photos and tagging his numerous post his blog Games Workshop linked his photos on their Facebook page.  By the next morning on Google search his blog moved from the third page to the second the first page.  For him the re-brith of his blog is just the begging as he has a series of plans to help ensure it's survival for the long haul.

Everything In-between - The Dice Abide: As a Whole
I stumbled across this blog in-between the life of Redcorps and the death of Corbania Prime.  This is a highly polished blog that has been around for a quite some time.  It embraces all aspect of life by showing not only Warhammer 40k, but Fantasy, Blood Bowl and games by Privateer Press.  In-between their numerous blog pages is a dedicated and highly talented crew that is posed to take over the blogging community.

Death -  Corbania Prime: A long time coming...
It may have been a long time coming but the death of Corbania Prime took me by surprise.  His departure from the Warhammer 40k blogging community will leave a void like that of a dying star.  He unselfishly gave to the community through his all his endeavours.  He introduced me to blogging three years ago when I was on the verge of leaving 40k behind me.  He may be stepping down from the hobby but his legacy will live on through the numerous people he helped.

Each of these prolific moments is taking place throughout the Warhammer 40k blogging community on numerous blogs day in and day out.  Take the time and embrace each of these aspect.  Whether you start a new blog or breath life into your current one.  Contribute on daily basis by contributing, commenting or posting on one of many blogs out there.  And last but not least, pay your respects to various blogs that have fallen by leaving them one last comment.

RIP Corbania Prime...

Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Flashback Friday #13: Nurgle Dreadnought

"Powerful, respected, and cherished by the Father of Decay, is what Brother Aziz is.  Long ago he was held in the same regard amongst the Death Falcons as he was their Chapter Master.  It was in the first encounter with Daemon Prince Amir Basit where he was struck down; maimed and crippled his body was beyond recovery.  As his command squad fought to recover their Chapter Master they were slowly cut down by the Daemon Prince and the swamp itself.  Unable to help his Death Falcons, Aziz laid their motionless watching Amir Basit tear them apart limb by limb.  Their screams became trapped in his skull, haunting his mind with their demise.  When Amir Basit was done playing with them he stagged slowly over to Aziz laughing at the crippled Chapter Master.  "Fear not Aziz, for their screams will always be with you. They respected and cherished you and so will he.  Nurgle will give you the power that you deserve though, the power to live up to your name..."  Reaching into Aziz mouth Amir Basit ripped out his tongue.  Then licking Aziz across the face, leaving a trail of puss filled maggots behind.  The maggots crawled up into his mouth, burrowing deep into body as Amir Basit disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Several weeks later Aziz was recovered by the Death Falcons. The bodies of his command squad where no where to found though. Unable to move or speak the Chapter decided to placed their beloved Chapter Master into metal womb of a Dreadnought.  Trapped inside the metal tomb with the taint of Nurgle, his mind slowly rotted away..."

The Chaos Dreadnought is an unstable monstrosity that cannot be controlled.  On the gaming this is represent through its Rage rule.  The rule makes it so that you cannot predict or control its actions 100% rather it left to lady luck to decide.  The worst part of the Rage rule is when it goes into a shooting frenzy at the closest unit, friend or foe, with all of its shooting based weapons not once but twice. This makes a Chaos Dreadnought a liability in that you have to be carefully what other aspects of your army are around it. T his plague my mind as to how I could use one in my Nurgle Forest army for many weeks. Then it dawn on me that I could do the following to mitigate its Rage rule will still keeping it effect against the enemy:

1/ Walkers and Rhinos = Whether its my Defiler or one of my Rhinos this is who he should placed closest to due to the resilience of their armour.  When I say next to I mean either in front or beside never behind due their rear armour value.  When this is combined with a weapon load out of a Heavy Flamer and Missile Launcher damage due to fracticide is heavily minimized. 

2/ Heavy Flamer = This weapon's effectiveness is cut down by the fact that it cannot harm the side armour of my Defiler and on my Rhinos it needs a 6 to glance them.

3/ Missile Launcher = With the ability to choose either krak or frag rounds I can effectively make it so that if my Dread goes into a shooting frenzy against my Defiler or Rhino that I only use the frag rounds. The strength 4 value will not be enough to harm it.

4/ Infantry = If for whatever reason it needs or ends up next to my infantry based models I make sure it is at least out of flamer range (8"). This will leave just the missile launcher which has a good chance at scattering off with a frag round.

5/ Flexibility = By choosing the heavy flamer and missile launcher I have also set it up to be balanced. Whether its a horde of green skin Orks or an Ultramarine Rhino it has a weapon that can deal with any target.
On the modeling side of the house I treated my Dreadnought to reflect that of its name; Aziz is Arabic for Powerful, respected, and cherished. I lavished this model with a wide variety of bitz:

1/ Base of the model is an Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought;
2/ Games workshop trees once again for that Forest theme I love so much;
3/ A Cyclone Missile Launcher
4/ Dryad bits for the mini daemon on the base and minor branches;
5/ Chaos Rhino's extra armour bits;
6/ A Chaos Heavy Flamer; and
7/ Green stuff.
That's right seven different kits for my beloved Nurgle Dreadnought.  I love the face on my Dread as it amplifies the tortured soul that is trap inside of it.  In the end I opened my mind up to Nurgle and I was rewarded with a unique model that propagates my Nurgle Forest theme.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 WIP it Wednesday #15: Terminator Lord

Chaos Lord Megedagik (Algonquin for "he kills many") is the second Wolf Lord to control The Ravenous. His formal title is that of Coryphaus which was adopted after the appearance of the Wendigo. His role is to act as the intermediary between the Wendigo and his pack. This allows the Wendigo to be seen as a spiritual and god like figure. His main role is to command the pack tactically on and off the battlefield. This frees up the Wendigo to commune with the Blood God, fuel the hunger of the pack and ponder strategic matters. It is widely speculated that he is one of the original members The Ravenous and played a crucial role in the culling of the pack. Specifically he laid the foundation for the emergence of the Wendigo and the overthrowing of former master Wolf Lord Manitous. To help ensure that he is not overthrown by another pack member he has surrounded himself with all of the packs of Terminators. Megedagik ensures their loyalty to him by supervening their pecking order in the pack. He has been Possessed by evil spirit that has manifested itself by mutating his left army into a daemonic weapon. This is the mark of Khorne and it is what keeps the pack obedient. Without it he would be powerless, he would be nothing.
When I model my Chaos Terminator Lord I had wanted him to be marked with Khorne so that I could equip him with a Bloodletter. This daemonic weapon is the perfect killing tool in a fluff based army. When it is used on the gaming table his attacks can range from nothing to insane amount in the teens, all of which are power weapon based. To represent this I stole a bit from a Possessed Chaos Space Marine boxset. The bit is a flaming sword that is emerging out of a left arm. For his mark of Khorne I used a Spawn head that is essentially a large ornate helmet fashion in the eye of the Blood God.
I am not sure how I plan on painting him but I do feel that he deserves to standout amongst the pack. I fear that he will end up following the path of his predecessor Lord Manitous. I hope to learn from my mistake and be less stringent when it comes to painting my HQ choices and characters from now on out. They simple deserve more and are hungering for more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 50+ Members: Thank You

"For the Betrayer's it is time of rebuilding, a time dedicated to the Palustris Project.  An experiment that has exploded into the Chaos Manifesto like pulsating boil.  They have managed to create a cult of zombie worshipping Chaos fiends that crave and intellectual blog that is dedicated to four gods of Chaos.  Without them the cause is lost amongst the shadow of the warp.  With them The Chaos Manifesto can extend its' tentacles across the Imperium into the very heart of Terra itself.  They are the future and without I am nothing more."

Over the past week The Chaos Manifesto has seen an unexplained surge in its followers that has left me standing in awe.  Like a zombie with its jaw dislocated I continue to try and form words that are not there.  The only thought that comes to mind is THANK YOU.  I never thought that my blog could grow to this size in such a short period.  Each new member motivates me to push forward with not only my hobby but with finding new ways to support the 40k blogging community.  I will be revamping the site in the next couple of weeks.  Changes that you can expect include a larger blog list so that I your zombie moans are more audible.  I will also be adding pages to my blog to make your shambling that much easy as you navigate your way through the litanies of hate.  I will be updating my work bench tab (located at the bottom right of my blog) to reflect the second phase of The Ravenous, Chaos Space Marine edition.  All three these may result in a new look to The Chaos Manifesto but fear not the transition will be seamless to each and everyone of you.  If you want to see something added to this site please let me know as I am but a disciple of the Gods of Chaos and I am here to serve you.  

As sow the seed of destruction amongst the imperium remember the words of the Dark Apostle, Harzhan of the Word Bearers, "Cast down the idols! Destroy the temples! Slay the priests! Show these fools that they worship nothing more than a rotting corpse!"  Now go forth and spread the word of The Chaos Manifesto. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

13 Sunday Best #7: Motivation

Followers of Khorne might have an easy time turning lemons into blood for the blood god but for the life of me I can only turn lemons into lemonade.  Every once in a while I get stuck in rut where my hobby takes on a bitter taste.  It is here that one must learn to sink or swim.  This week's Sunday Best act a as a life jacket for those of us who cannot stay afloat in the turbulent waters.  For me their posts motivated me to not only pick up my models but to approach various aspects of the hobby from a new angle.  

The Man Behind the Mask has been keeping his motivation floating by listening to music during his hobby sessions.  For him the "perfect playlist not only puts (him) right where (he) needs to be creatively, but also keeps (him) focused on the project at hand".  With that in mind each week he has been throwing out one of his favourite song via a music video.  I have reached out for this life buoy by embracing my love for music with the creation of a playlist for my next painting session. 

Redscorps caught my attention in the vast ocean of blogging with his vibrant rescue craft; a Landspeeder Storm.  Not only does his choice of colours hook my interest level but the placement of each colour has caused me to sink with envy.  There is something to be said about the simplicity of the grey armour mixed in with a strong yellow highlight.  What sets the hook though is the application of the red weathering powders.  His Landspeeder has motivated me to expand my colour palette to include muted armour with bight accents.

Lucky No.5 has rescued my motivation on more than one occasion through the myriad of colours that splash the armour of his Dark Eldar.  This week he indulged us with squad of Truborn and Venom.  Both have been lavished in wide array of colours that pull my twist and mesmerize my mind.  Once again it's the bright and vibrant highlights against a muted armour that is motivating me to expand my colour palette.  

Each of these blog authors has provided me with a life jacket for my hobby moral.  Two of them have motivated me with their colour palette while the first provides me with a tool that I can use to focus my mind.  If you find yourself drowning in the miniature world that we call our hobby be sure to grab on to each of these blogs as they will not only motivate you but pull you out of a hobby slump.

Honourable Mention:

Hephesto may not have pulled my motivation out of the dark treacherous waters of depression but he does provide me with a new tool that I use to ensure my survival. Masquerade Miniture's TubeTool "is extremely simple, you get 3 sets of differently sized, ribbed, plastic templates, that when used in conjunction with modelling putties will enable you to make (scifi) tubing, rope and various other materials".  Hephesto gives us a complete product review and hands down was my favourite post of the week.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #8: House of Paincakes

If you have not checked your towel at the front door to the International House of Paincakes then you truly are not a person to be reckon with.  The menu here is filled with various blogs from various gaming systems.  Their aim is to serve up a wide variety of blogs by throwing off the shackles of victorian society.  There is no need to conform to a status quo, no need to edit what you are posting and no time in requirements to be part of their blog network.  They simply are the International House of Paincakes blog network.

I joined them when I dived back into the blog-o-shere three months ago with The Chaos Manifesto.  They have been bringing me a small but steady diet of hits each month.  It may not fill my stomach but in the next couple of months I know I will be gorging on their delicious treats as I have been selected to be a participant in their HoP Idol contest.  That is right folks I was one of eight individuals to have a shot at becoming a author on their blog.  This weekend they will be making the official announcement and during the week they will be posting my entry post.  As the contest is rolled out I will be required to write a variety of post that they will judge and then post up for everyone to taste.  This coverage will create a substantial amount of traffic for The Chaos Manifesto and I want to give the a preemptive Saturday Shout Out.   Show International House of Paincakes some love by visiting their site and if you get the chance tell them the Chaos Manifesto is the real Slim Shady.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

9 Flashback Friday #12: Raptors of Nurgle

Imperial Transmission
Date: 41.1034m
Source: Death Falcon Sgt Aelsio
Location: Bastonbeil

Flies, they were every where. Swarms of them would appear out of now where then disappear just as fast. All we knew was that we were getting closer to where the Zombie Plague was originating from. 60% casualties against the platoon. We had to destroy the gene seed from the fallen as the company had no more Apothecaries. We simply could not let the corrupt followers of Nurgle get their hands on it. We would rather end our linage then become the monstrosities that so many of our fallen brethren had devolved into.

On the 7th day of the patrol the fly swarms blocked out all sunlight and that is when we encountered them. The swarms of flies descended down upon us and that is when we came under attack. They target those who possessed flamer based weapons first. The buzzing drowned out our acoustics. The flies where so thick that we never stood a chance. I blacked out within a matter of seconds.

I lay here badly wouded as the flies laid their eggs in my wounds. Some of the maggots had already begun to hatch. I fear the worst for my gene seed as it has been corrupted by the taint of Nurgle. My only is hope is warning to rest of the Death Falcon Chapter....burn the them all...burn the entire plant to the is our only hope...

The Black Flies as I call my Nurgle Raptors were an absolute blast to model. I classify them under my PALUSTRIS PROJECT which is head up by my Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid. Right now though I would like to go over the kit bashing aspect of them. I was able to build them thanks to having purchased a tide of spawn box set when Apocalypse came out. Combine that with one other box of Spawn and that gave me the ability to build six of these monstrosities. I know I am missing 1 of them and I am debating if I should build the seventh member or if I should build a 3rd Daemon Prince instead to act as the last member. Only time will will tell, but for now it will have wait. 
My goal when building them was to make them resemble the image of fly. With flies having 6 limbs I added a third set to mine via some talons. These give them a more insect like looks which goes a long way when combine with some of the other features. The most notably bit has to their heads. This was the ultimate bit and the inspiration for the project. When I saw this bit it told me that "if you built it, they will come". The next notable bit is the wings. Yes at this time they lack the membrane but I am on the hut for some plastic like martial that I could use. I am hopping for something fairly rigid and white or green in colour. A smaller detail but one of note is the hair like spikes on the back of their legs. The thought behind this was that most insects, including flies, have hairs on their legs that resemble this. The champion a powerfist or power weapon that is represent through a Chaos Possessed Space Marine bit. He also has a Nurgle icon on his back. Not sure on this bit at this time but for it is there to stay. 
One aspect of the models that I do not care for is their static like positions. That is something that can be changed though.  I saw some great dynamic positions over at the Gentleman's Ones where Brian turned his Chaos Sorcerer to life.  It has inspired me to reposition and rebase these six models.  Recently I just rebased an entire 2500 points army so I think I can handle a small handful of models. Once again like most of my Nurgle models I cannot wait to start painting these. Till next Flashback Friday I hope to see all of your rotting in hell.