Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #10: CSM Raptors

"Fly my pretties, fly"

As stated in last weeks WIP it Wednesday I am already working on my next 2000 point army (and then some) despite just finishing a force equal is sized; my renegade Space Wolves know as the Ravenous.  The big reason for flying straight into another project is that I signed up for the Independent Characters Hobby Challenge.  The plan is to paint up 2000 points plus an additional 500 points or more.  Each month I set my own hobby challenge on what I will build/paint and by the end of the challenge I will have it all painted in the glorious colour done.
This month I set a goal that will see me rebasing all my models, striping the paint off my Lesser Daemons and Daemon Prince, fixing damaged models and finish painting my Renegade Space Wolves (a second Land Speeder and a Rune Priest).   Not much work but I am moving this month from Edmonton Alberta to Victoria British Columbia.  With my models being packed away tomorrow I worked through the wee hours of the night to ensure that I only have to glue the models to their new bases.  As you can see from the pictures I had previously used cork to help create a volcanic ash world but unfortunately the cork crumbles if touched.  I plan on using slate rocks and a mixture of course and fine sand for my bases.  This was the same scheme that I used on my Renegade Space Wolves.  
Fluff wise this what my traitorous Space Wolves will become after a several hundred years.  While delving deeper into the act of cannibalism The Ravenous have become consumed with becoming one with the beast.  For them that means starving themselves for months at a time then gorging on the flesh of the fallen.  They believe that by engaging in the act of cannibalism that they can be possessed by an ancient spirit known as the Windigo.  Many are deemed not worthy of such a gift and the majority that are are cursed by mutating into a Chaos Spawn.  Only the strongest can survive such a powerful gift and for that they are rewarded by either becoming Possessed Space Marines or Raptors.  One member and only one has become a Windigo and he took on the form of a Vargulf; a giant were-bat.
The Vargulf surrounds itself with an honour guard of Raptors that I made from Possessed Chaos Space Marines.  I have made eight in total in hope of receiving the blessing of Khorne himself.  These models were a blast to put to together and my favourite has to be the Aspiring Champion.  The biggest reason why I adore him so much is his gangster like Icon of Khorne that he is holding.  The scorpion tail is a close second and I could easily see him becoming the next Windigo if he plays his cards right.  As for me well I am running out of cards to play in the game of life as I am moving in four days.  Do not fear though as I plan on scheduling several post to ensure that this blog is able to maintain its altitude.


  1. Nice conversions! Will add you to my blog exchange.

  2. Cheers for both checking out the blog and for adding me to your blog exchange. I cannot wait to paint them.