Wednesday, July 6, 2011

0 WIP it Wednesday #9: The Ravenous

Let the Painting Begin
Let the painting begin.  That is right folks I may have just finished painting an army in the infamous colour DONE (see - Model Monday #5: 100% Ravenous) but that's no reason for taking a break.  Here at The Chaos Manifesto we have embraced the art of painting; we being the various personalities that reside in my head.  We have recently singed up for The Independent Characters Hobby Challenge and plan on expanding The Ravenous, our war band of cannibalistic Renegade Space Wolves.  Instead of sticking with the Space Wolves codex I am will be venturing into the Chaos Space Marine codex.  This will allow me to show their evolution from recently declared Renegade Space Wolves into blood thirsty followers of Khorne.  At the same time I will be able to use the bulk of the units in both the Chaos Space Marine codex and the Space Wolves.  A few examples of this would be using Chaos Warhounds from the Fantasy line as both Fenris Wolves and Lesser Daemons.  While Khorne Berzerkers would make an excellent candidate for Blood Claws.  The list goes on for quite some time with only a few models not making the cross over.
The best things about all of this is that I plan on combining all of my efforts into a codex.  Not one in the sense that I will be making new rules but rather one that represents the current rules for both armies with my own fluff.  I would use the same layout as your classic GW codex with the fluff of the army first, the unit overview, colour pictures of various models and the army list section.  All seen from The Ravenous Point of view rather than GWs.  This idea is not mine but rather Starminer's over at Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly.  I show cased Starminer's blog on this idea during last week's instalment of Sunday Best.  This project is barely visible on the horizon at the moment but I am slowly driving towards it.  Next stop though is 2000 points worth of Khorne dedicated Chaos Space Marines.

Till then stick around and sacrifice a few cultist in the name of what ever Chaos God tickles your fancy.  It going to be a long journey this year but the skulls are going to stack up and the blood will be flowing.

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