Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #11: Chaos Spawn

"For fraction of second images flooded his mindless brain.  A warrior in blood red armour with oxidized brass trim dominated the vision.  His face was gaunt to the point that his skin appeared to have been like stretched over his skull.  Blistered lips stain with the gore of his own blood gave way to a row yellow stain teeth.  He sank his teeth deep into the flesh of his forearm and tore away a chunk of his own body.  He ate with delight as he relished the taste of his flesh and blood.  He could sense not only the raw power that the warrior possessed but the hunger he had for more of it.  His mind could not make sense of the images nor could it recognize that the warrior was his former self.  A century ago he had been blessed with the spirit of Windigo.  Despite being blessed with this gift his body could not handle the possession and was turned into a wither mass of flesh; a Chaos Spawn".
Spawn A & B
I am currently working on rebasing twelve Spawn of Chaos models for my upcoming Chaos Space Marine Army.  I was able to mass such a ridiculous amount of them thanks to Apocalypse where GW had released limited box sets of insanity.  One such product was the Tide of Spawn, which came with ten Spawn models and ten Chaos Space Marines.  A modellers dream thanks to the ridiculous amount of bits that came with it.  Not only was I able to build ten spawn but I had enough bits to convert my Betrayer's of Pain Nurgle CSM army, countless other models and still have enough plastic left over for future projects.  It is a shame that GW no longer produces this box set as I would whole heartily recommend that any hobbyist starting a CSM army to buy at least one of them.
Spawn C & D
In terms of painting these models over then next couple of months I plan on using the image above as a starting point.  The abundance of the colour red will help insure that the model represents both Khorne and its daemonic flesh.  However I also want to take the opportunity to experiment with new colour palettes and the GW's washes.  My goal is for each one to be unique in colour but affiliated with their former renegades, The Ravenous.
Spawn E & F
Fluff-wise these are the members of The Ravenous that were unable to sustain the gifts given to them by the Blood God.  Now they are mindless withering mass of spikes, tentacles, claws and flesh.  Nothing remains of their former glory.  If only they had of given more to Khorne...
Spawn G & H
Spawn I & J


  1. Without a doubt I would have to say I like Spawn G the most. I just love the fact that it is holding its eye while its body is actually sideways. Runner up would be Spawn I the scorpion like one.