Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Sunday Best #4: Community

Zombie Jesus Day is all about sharing brains with others and no one can argue that zombies are not a tight knit community.  Think about it, zombies don't attack other zombies, rather they work as a mindless horde.  Sure the front rank is going to take some casualties but in the end the throng of zombies is going to get the brains that they are craving.  Together they are an efficient oil machine but alone they are vulnerable like baby seal in the Canadian North.  Blogging can be a cold bitter place at times but deep in its cracks there is community that is bonded together through a deep spirituality.  Here one can find those who prefer to share the delicious goodies that they find with the rest of the pack.  This past week I came across three of these unique individuals who place the community before themselves.

Zombie #1 - Dark Future Gaming: It Came from the Forums
Old School Terminator runs a feature that is dedicated to providing his followers with feast that is compile from dredging the various forums for "the best and brightest work...that isn't already flying around the blogs".  His feature saves the shambling horde from having to do the hard work of finding mind blowing armies, paint jobs and project logs.  This week he has found the brain's of Yggdrasil from Dakka Dakka glowing with object source lighting, vibrant colours and unique conversions.

Zombie #2: - The Emperor's Codex: Emperor's Chosen Week 2
Drkmorals' escaped from my Chaos infested Zombie horde last week when he featured one of my post in his debut top X.  I was honour to have a spot reserved for the first tasting of this feature and eagerly awaited the second course.  This week he served up a seven course meal that featured some Dark Eldar, a Kill Team of Space Marines, human faces, Warmachines, more Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard and some fresh meat.

Zombie #3 - Faeit 212: Blog Exchange Additions
Natfka serves up a double burger of OMG when he became overloaded with new members for his blog exchange.   Not only was his post sharing with the community but his sites continuously serves up a steady meal of team cohesion.  Natfka looks to promote the hunger of those around him through his blog exchange program.  Sure he benefits from this exchange by having each of his followers promote his need for brains but the ethos of the blogging community is served ten fold through his actions.

Each of these Zombie's has evolved past the greed from ones own desire for food and is now promoting the community's hunger.  This sharing of intellect ensures the survival of blogging as a whole.  I challenge each of you who has a blog of their own to follow in their foot steps.  While those of you who just read the mindless dribble I dare you to leave a comment or two on any post that has fuelled your decrypted mind.  Before you begin to shamble your way across the internet to sample the three blogs above remember that you cannot survive as a lone Zombie.  Rather your existence is dependent upon a horde (community) that is undead and breaths the word of Zombie Jesus...SHARE.


  1. Haha you used zombie Jesus in a post that's awesome. Best theme yet. =P Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the brains and thanks for sharing those that you found with the rest of us. It an't easy being cheesy.

  3. I wish it was Zombie Jesus Day cause that would mean chocolate brains, chocolate bunny brains and let's not forget zombie chocolate eggs. MMMM Chocolate.