Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 Sunday Best #2: Mad as a Hatter

The "Mad Hatter" is a colloquial phrase that is used to refer to a crazy person.  During the 18th and 19th century England mercury was used by Hatters to treat the furs and pelts used for their hats.  Exposed to the harmful effects of mercury their bodies slowly absorbed the toxic metal.  Over time they would begin to suffer from mercury poison which caused neurological damage that included confused speech and blurred vision.  As such Hatters often appeared disorientated, daze or mental insane.  Each of the blogs authors that I am show casing in this weeks Sunday' Best may not exhibit the effects mercury poisoning but they each display the traits of a diabolical mad man through their conversions.

Hatter #1/ Unite All Action - The Waagh! Factor
The BigMek Unite All Action was hard at work when he set about on this diabolic project.  With an ample supply of plastic-card he was able to give each and everyone of his Nobs the Waagh! Factor.  The biggest gift he made for each of the Nobs was a bosspole fashion into a glyph covered banner.  From here he added shoulder pads, spikes, studs, rivets, glyphs and barrel extensions.  There is no doubt in my mind that the boyz of this BigMek will not be turning tail when things get nasty.
Hatter #2/ IDICBeer - Latest Necron Terrain Piece
A different paint scheme turned this normally bland piece of terrain into a mind warping experience.  Instead of painting the rock covered terrain your standard grey IDICBeer took a creative approach with the colour green.  By treating the rocks to various shades of green he was able to create a piece of terrain that looked like it was rich with a xenos mineral.  It draws my imagination into a world where Necrons are harvesting their iconic green crystals.  If you let your mind wander into the depths of his workshop you will find several other pieces of Necron terrain that will casue your head to spin with awe.
Hatter #3/ The Mad House Workshop - New Spawn 
PsychosisPC is Mad Hatter that puts the infamous Fabius Bile to shame.  It is hard to put into words what he has created except that it is a piece of art.  This conversion strike a cord deep into my dna as he has created Chaos Spawn model.  Inspired by a conversion a friend his made he sent out to create his own version of what a Spawn model should be.  He used a wide range of bits that include Rat Ogres, Ogres, Tyranids, and Trolls.  Then with some green stuff he sculpted patches of fur, torn flesh and muscle over the various pieces of plastic.  This myriad of bits and beautifully sculpted details create a visually striking model that renders images of hell itself.
These Mad Hatters are show cased in no particular order as each of them stand just as high as the other on their own merits.  They may be suffering from a mind alter world but they are able to create works of art from their insanity.  I am envious of what each them has achieved and strive to be consumed by the voices inside my own head.  If you have been exposed to mercury poisoning or are just enjoy wearing strange hats made of felt and want your blog to be show cased on Sunday Best drop me a email at


  1. No problem as I throughly enjoyed your post and your blog. My Sunday Best has me exploring various blogs that I never knew about. I just want to promote the ones that I think are top notch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for putting my post in your top three, glad you liked my terrain

  3. No problem IDICBeer as your terrain stand out from the rest of the pack. While maintain the warhammer 40k iconic look of being dark/grim.